❶ Nail Art At Home

❶ Nail Art At Home
❶ Nail Art At Home

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Drawings for nails at home
Drawings for nails at home

If you want to change something in your appearance, but you do not have the spirit to make drastic changes, then start with nail design. It can be performed both in the salon and at home. The second does not require art education. Enough of your imagination and a little patience. Location: Location:

To make your own nail art, first collect all the varnishes you have. The more different colors the better. Next, you will need sewing needles of different sizes. The thinnest one is useful to depict thin lines, and it will be convenient to draw wide points with a thicker needle. It is possible to replace the needle with a toothpick or even a hairpin.

Make the lighting of the place where you create as comfortable as possible. Better if you have the ability to adjust the direction of the light. Make sure your nails are clean and straight before applying the pattern.

Apply a layer of base polish to the nail. Let it dry completely. Then, in the required order, drip varnish of other colors. And without waiting for it to dry, create a drawing with light movements of a needle from drop to drop. You should not press too hard on the needle so as not to damage the nail plate. The created pattern is fixed with colorless varnish. You can use glitter polish to make the design shimmer effectively when light hits it.

You can also paint with special varnishes. Their main advantage is a thin brush. They are sold freely in stores. For a start, it is better to take several contrasting colors - black and white, red and green. The rest of the colors can be created by mixing the colors you already have. Silver and gold varnishes will be useful.

It is convenient to use a glass of glass for training. Often, nail artists have no art education. Their skills are the result of hard work and long training. You can go to such a master in order to look at his work and try to comprehend the secrets of the mastery.

It's so easy and without spending a lot of money, you can make drawings on your nails yourself. Use rhinestones for them, pieces of foil - whatever your imagination requires. Create amazing pictures on your nails. Experiment. May you be pleased not only with the result, but also with the process of creativity.

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