❶ Makeup For Blue Eyes

❶ Makeup For Blue Eyes
❶ Makeup For Blue Eyes

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Makeup for blue eyes
Makeup for blue eyes

Blue or blue eyes are a gift from nature, and women who have this eye color should appreciate this feature. They attract the eyes of others and arouse admiration. To enhance the effect and highlight the beauty of the eyes, you need to be able to apply the right makeup. Location: Location:

When doing blue eye makeup, you also need to focus on hair color and skin tone. Much depends on the time of day and the event for which you want to make up. So, the daytime make-up eye should be calm and discreet, and for the evening and special special occasions brighter and more saturated colors will be appropriate.

To find the makeup that is right for you and transform your appearance, you need to tirelessly try and experiment, and not mindlessly follow numerous tips. But there are still some principles that should be taken as a basis.

If the owner of blue eyes is light-skinned blonde, then it is worth experimenting with shades such as light pink, lilac, silver, beige. It is worth trying shades of brown, but here it is important to take into account the following feature: the color should have a cool shade close to gray. Do not try reddish browns - they will make the look painful. Blue-eyed blondes are very suitable for "arrows", which can be black. Especially effectively this eye makeup will be combined with red lipstick.

Blue-eyed women with dark skin, as well as owners of red hair with a warm skin tone, can try shadows with a bronze and golden tint.

Women with deep dark blue eyes can safely use dark colors for makeup. It can be black eyeliner, pencil, shadows of deep blue and purple shades. Indispensable in this case will be the popular smokey eye makeup today. It will make your look deep and expressive.

Mascara comes in a variety of colors. Black is the most optimal and safe option. Dark-haired women can safely use black mascara for both evening and daytime makeup. If the blue-eyed beauty has light hair and eyebrows, then brown or gray mascara should be used for daytime makeup - it will look more natural. And for evening make-up, in combination with shades of rich shades, black mascara will be quite appropriate.

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