❶ Epilator: Selection And Use

❶ Epilator: Selection And Use
❶ Epilator: Selection And Use

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Epilator: selection and use
Epilator: selection and use

Among the popular methods for removing excess hair, the epilator is not the last - the hairs grow slowly, while changing their structure, becoming thin and weak. Manufacturers are constantly improving models, making the procedure less painful and more convenient. Location: Location: When choosing an epilator, you should pay attention to the following criteria:


The choice of a specific model depends on which part of the body you plan to use the device for.

Number of modes or operating speed

Standard models have two main speeds - slow but long and painful hair removal and quick hair removal with less pain. Some epilators have rows of double brushes that feed the hair - the process is faster and more painless.

Number of attachments

The choice of attachment depends on the area to be treated (legs, bikini, etc.), but the more accessories included, the more functional the device. The exfoliating attachment helps get rid of ingrown hairs, the pinpoint function is useful for treating the bikini area, and the lighting makes the procedure convenient.

The presence of analgesic functions

Epilation is considered a painful procedure, so reducing discomfort creates additional comfort from its use. Massage brushes, washing the skin with water, cooling or stretching - any of these functions will relieve pain, so choose a model according to your individual sensitivity threshold.

Food type and cleaning methods

The possibility of self-contained power supply makes the device indispensable on the road and traveling. If the blades of the epilator can be washed with water, then cleaning will take no more than a couple of minutes.

When purchasing an epilator, read the instructions carefully. Prepare your skin for the procedure - take a shower and cleanse the skin. Wait until the skin is completely dry and proceed with hair removal. The epilator should be held at an angle to the surface, but not pressed against the skin, which is better to pull a little. Select the desired mode of operation - working at high speed is suitable for treating the legs, it is better to epilate intimate areas in a slow mode. If the hairs are too long, then they need to be trimmed - the optimal length for removal is 5 mm. After epilation, be sure to soften your skin using special products to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.

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