❶ Bruises Under The Eyes, Or Surgery To Save The Reputation

❶ Bruises Under The Eyes, Or Surgery To Save The Reputation
❶ Bruises Under The Eyes, Or Surgery To Save The Reputation

Video: ❶ Bruises Under The Eyes, Or Surgery To Save The Reputation

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Video: FILLER BRUISES: Dr Tim's 16 Essential Tips To Prevent & Minimise Bruises [Aesthetics Mastery Show] 2023, January
Bruises under the eyes, or a reputation rescue operation
Bruises under the eyes, or a reputation rescue operation

Of course, not a single woman has ever had bruises under her eyes; this is a sign of fatigue and poor health. It's just ugly! Many people, waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror, ask the same question day after day: bruises under the eyes - how to get rid of, what to do? Location: Location:

The first thing to do while observing bags under the eyes every day is to see a doctor. After all, such bruises may indicate the appearance of a serious illness of internal organs and be a kind of signal.

In addition, bruises under the eyes may appear due to constant exhaustion, fatigue, stress or lack of vitamins in the body. Make it a rule to sleep well - at least 8 hours a day, if necessary, use night masks that will protect you from excess light, as well as earplugs, they will allow you to sleep in silence.

Take a full day off once a week, "disconnect" from problems. Make it a rule to buy a special course of vitamins and minerals every year, in the autumn-winter period, consult your doctor before purchasing.

Having excluded all the likelihood of health problems, you can safely proceed to eliminate bruises yourself. There are two ways to achieve positive results.

1. By using special medications. As a rule, such drugs are activated carbon or polysorb.

2. Using folk recipes and methods that have been known since time immemorial.

You need healthy sleep. It is not how much time you spend in bed that matters, but how well you sleep. The bedroom must be fresh.

Control of fluid intake. As a rule, swelling and bruising under the eyes appear from excess fluid in the body, which is why you should limit the intake of water or other drinks, in particular tea or coffee at night.

Compresses. The best compress for bruising under the eyes are tea compresses. In this case, it is necessary to hold the tea leaves in the refrigerator and only then apply it in a gauze bag to the area around the eyes. After removing the compress, it is recommended to wipe the skin with a small piece of ice. In addition to such a compress, you can use ice chips from herbal ice, pour a decoction of chamomile, sage or parsley into a mold, freeze it, and then attach the ice floes to the places of edema over the gauze.

The use of potatoes. Apply raw potatoes, cut into rings or boiled in unsalted water, daily to your lower eyelids. At the same time, boil the potatoes in their uniforms, cut in half and attach to the eye area for 30-40 minutes.

The use of kefir and cottage cheese. An effective remedy in the fight against bruises under the eyes are cottage cheese, which is wrapped in gauze and applied daily for 20 minutes to the lower eyelids, and kefir, which is mixed with honey until the gel thickens and applied every day a few minutes before sleep on the problem area.

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