❶ Gel Nail Extension

❶ Gel Nail Extension
❶ Gel Nail Extension

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Gel nail extension
Gel nail extension

Extension of nails is far from a new service of manicure rooms, but this has not made it less popular. Luxurious long and flawless nails are what almost all women dream of. Extension is the easiest and most convenient way to quickly become the owner of a great manicure. One of the affordable and safe methods of nail lengthening is gel extension. Location: Location:

Every woman dreams of having a perfect manicure. However, for various reasons, many women simply do not have enough energy and time to regularly take care of their nails. In addition, they are often not of the best shape by nature, exfoliate and break. Gel nail extension will help to solve such problems.

This procedure is based on the coating of natural nails with a special gel, which hardens under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The length and shape of gel nails can be different, and the various designs will satisfy the taste of any member of the fairer sex.

Gel nails can be extended both on tips and on forms. The latter are placed at the end of the natural nail, after which a gel composition is applied and shaped. The tips are glued directly onto the natural nail. The quality of nails based on shapes and tips is almost as good as each other: they have the same appearance, strength and shine. The gel itself can be two-phase and one-phase. Extension technologies when using different gels differ slightly.

Gel modeling has many advantages over acrylic. The structure of gel nails is similar to the structure of natural ones. They have a glossy appearance, natural shine, they do not even need to be coated with colored varnish. The main advantage of this technology is that it is harmless and does not irritate the skin adjacent to the nail.

The gel composition does not have a pungent odor, it evens out the nail surface well and at the same time contributes to its healing, since the ultraviolet light used to harden the gel has strengthening properties and serves as the prevention of fungus. The gel coating allows natural nails to grow and breathe fully, which cannot be said about acrylic.

Gel nail extension appeared thirty years later than acrylic technology. That is why it was initially positioned as a progressive extension, which replaced the traditional acrylic. However, in practice, this approach turned out to be just an advertising ploy. Gel really has a number of advantages over acrylic, but it also has no less disadvantages. Gel nails are more fragile and can crack from sudden temperature changes. It is also important that they cannot be repaired. If a crack appears on the gel nails, they must be removed and redone.

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