❶ How To Restore Hair Density

❶ How To Restore Hair Density
❶ How To Restore Hair Density

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How to restore hair density
How to restore hair density

Thick hair is a very important attribute of a woman who wants to be beautiful and attractive. But what if they are thinned and thinned after numerous dyes and regular thermal curling? With the right and caring treatment, hair will reward you with its healthy shine and enviable density. Location: Location: Hair care is different. It happens that you shake your hair (the one that is the subject of pride), and all pride falls out of it. Scraps. What to do? Get ready to expand your collection of recipes for thick, healthy hair.

To make your hair literally drunk with happiness, rub the egg white with one shot of cognac, apply the mask on your head, pack in a bag and warm with a towel. After half an hour, wash off with warm water (to avoid fresh omelet on your head). Both well-fed and drunk, and as a result - thick hair and minimum costs.

It is very difficult to feel like a gorgeous seducer when there are six hairs on your head in three rows. But if you properly arrange hair care, this can be avoided. How to achieve thick and healthy hair, make it soft and shiny? The following recipes will revolutionize your traditional hair care routine.

Coconut oil is a heavenly delight for your pride. It will relieve you of split ends, fill your hair with vitality and primal energy. How to use: melt the oil and apply it to the ends of the hair. If the hair is bad at all - distribute over the entire length. On the roots and scalp - not too oily. The best thing is to sleep with this mixture overnight and wash your hair in the morning. Washes off very easily.

Another way to care for your hair is to drink it, but without the use of alcohol, but with ordinary olive oil. The idea is so old and popular that it only once again proves the effectiveness of this method. Lubricate the hair very abundantly with oil, so that it flows abundantly from the hair. Quickly, until all the oil has escaped, wrap the hair in a plastic bag. Believe it or not, after an hour there will be no trace of the oil, the hair will be only slightly damp, and the result is thick and healthy hair.

In conclusion, a few tips on how to achieve thick hair:

- always wash your hair with soft (with the addition of soda) or boiled water, the water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees;

- never accustom your hair to daily washing, and the shampoo should correspond to their natural needs;

- always comb your hair thoroughly before bathing.

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