❶ Which Facial Cleaning Method To Choose

❶ Which Facial Cleaning Method To Choose
❶ Which Facial Cleaning Method To Choose

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Which facial cleansing method to choose
Which facial cleansing method to choose

To maintain a matte and smooth face for many years, you need to regularly clean it. And here there are two options: superficial or radical solutions. It's up to you. But first you need to weigh the pros and cons. Location: Location: Radical methods include cosmetic procedures such as ultrasonic and manual facial cleansing. They are more expensive and longer-lasting, but the result will not keep you waiting.

Superficial cosmetic procedures are so called because they usually give less effective and short-lived results. These include various scrubs and other home exfoliation devices. However, in tandem with a healthy diet and the correct daily regimen, they can help protect your skin from heavy pollution, and therefore avoid radical cleansing.

Mechanical (manual) cleaning. Outwardly, this type of face cleansing resembles squeezing acne, well known to everyone since adolescence. However, in this case, all cosmetic and hygienic precautions are observed. This type of facial cleansing, despite its conservatism, remains the most effective. The process is quite predictable: the skin is first steamed so that the pores open, then the specialist removes blackheads with his fingers securely wrapped in sterile napkins.

If such a description of the procedure caused you not very pleasant memories, as an alternative, you can offer a slightly improved version of this method - vacuum cleaning. In this case, no one will touch the face directly, since the contamination is sucked in by a special apparatus.

Ultrasonic face cleaning. This approach is not as effective as the first, however, it is also less traumatic. This process is based on the features of high-frequency vibrations, and specifically, their ability to breakdown. Ultrasonic cleaning, along with fighting acne, is also a good way to get rid of wrinkles.

Chemical face cleaning. In this context, the word "chemical" does not mean "harmful to health" at all. A cleansing mixture (glycolic acid) is first applied to the skin, which is further supplemented with a more caustic composition, for example, citric, lactic or malic acid, which, in fact, cleans the skin.

The most important thing is not to confuse this method with another, which is called chemical peeling, which is actually a very harsh procedure. After her, the old skin literally peels off the face, subsequently being replaced by the young.

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