Max Factor Cosmetics: The Story Of A Great Brand

Max Factor Cosmetics: The Story Of A Great Brand
Max Factor Cosmetics: The Story Of A Great Brand

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Max Factor cosmetics: the story of a great brand
Max Factor cosmetics: the story of a great brand

Max Factor cosmetics are a favorite brand of famous makeup artists and an indispensable tool for millions of women. For 80 years, the company has been acting as the official supplier of decorative cosmetics for Hollywood. Location: Location:

Max Factor: a story of great success

Max Factor was born on August 5, 1872 in Lodz, Russia. Working from the age of 14 as a hairdresser at the opera house, in addition to wigs and hairstyles, he also dealt with costumes and make-up. His work was soon appreciated by the tsar and the Russian nobility. Having worked for 9 years as an expert in cosmetics at the court of Nicholas II and in the imperial theaters, in 1895 Factor opened his own store in Ryazan, and after another 9 years he emigrated with his family to America.

Having started his business with a small shop of perfumery and cosmetic products and wigs, in 1908, having survived the death of his wife and the betrayal of his business partner, Max Factor moved to Los Angeles, where the film industry was gaining momentum. Soon, actresses, dissatisfied with the old theatrical makeup, were frequenting his shop, located near the film studios, for advice on makeup.

His first discovery - the invention of a new make-up for cinema, Max Factor made in 1914. The new creamy makeup was applied in a thin layer and did not dry on the skin. The inventor considered one of the main qualities of good makeup to be invisible on the skin. The factor gained fame in professional circles thanks to Hollywood comic actors, who were the first to appreciate the benefits of new makeup, which gave them complete freedom in facial expressions.

Thus, the development of Max Factor's business went hand in hand with the development of cinema. In 1918, he formulated the idea of ​​"Color Harmony" in make-up, according to which all cosmetics must match certain combinations of skin tone, hair and eye color, allowing them to look more effective, and cosmetics must be combined with each other.

In 1928, following certain requirements of the invented color film, Max Factor perfected the color scheme of his cosmetics. For this valuable contribution to the development of cinema, he was awarded an Oscar. The Factor's success continued to grow, his services and makeup were used by such Hollywood stars as Vivien Leigh, Greta Garbo, Betty Grable, Clara Bow.

But his products were also designed for ordinary women. Anyone could look like a queen by filling out a questionnaire and determining their type of "Color Harmony". But until recently, the use of cosmetics was considered something indecent.

In 1935, Max Factor's Hollywood Makeup Studio was opened, where everyone could take advantage of another of his discoveries - the “beauty calibrator”. This device was worn on the head and made it possible to measure the ratio of the parameters of the face to the standards, so that later, with the help of makeup, eliminate flaws.

In 1938, Max Factor passed away, leaving a huge cosmetic empire as a legacy to his sons. Factor's eldest son, Frank, became the head of the company. Under his leadership, such novelties were created as leave-in makeup for shooting in water, waterproof mascara, brushes for applying lipstick and powder, an eyebrow comb, a tube with a mascara brush, long-lasting lipstick, nail polish, hair spray, liquid foundation and many other little things.

In 1973, the last head of the family owned company died. In 1991, Max Factor Limited became part of the Cosmetics Division of its acquired Procter & Gamble Corporation. In 1993, the trademark was renamed Max Factor International.

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