❶ Water For Beauty: Moisturize Skin And Hair

❶ Water For Beauty: Moisturize Skin And Hair
❶ Water For Beauty: Moisturize Skin And Hair

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Beauty water: moisturize skin and hair
Beauty water: moisturize skin and hair

The next time you decide to quench your thirst with a glass of cool, clean water, think about your hair and skin. After all, they also need hydration. Often, many problems are just a manifestation of a lack of fluid. Location: Location: Any girl knows how to dry her hair perfectly, to her own regret. Frequent washing with low-quality water, strong styling products, hot air of a hairdryer, curling irons, tongs, the scorching sun in summer … But the question "How to moisturize your hair?" not all will answer. Therefore, correct this disorder immediately.

The first point in moisturizing your hair is proper washing. It all starts with shampoo. It should not dry out either the hair or the scalp. Determining a remedy that will not harm you can only be experienced. Of course, you can give preference to what promises to moisturize your hair. But that won't be enough anyway.

Conditioner or balm works just for hydration. But due to improper use, they can weigh down the hair. Never apply these products to the top of your hair, near your head, otherwise you will give your hair a stale, messy look. An excess of funds or poorly washed hair threaten the same.

Masks can thoroughly moisturize your hair. Purchased or homemade - you decide. If you decide to get serious about moisturizing your hair, it is better to purchase a ready-made mask and use it with every wash. And once a week, carry out the procedure, making the product yourself.

For example, you can use curdled milk. It should be heated to 35-38 ° C and applied to hair. Cover with cling film or parchment paper on top, and then tie with a warm scarf. The mask needs to be held for half an hour, then reapply yogurt, massage a little and rinse thoroughly.

Moisturizing your skin is much easier. You just need to buy a good moisturizer and use it regularly. You can also make it a habit to apply a nourishing cream to your face and neck every night and a daytime moisturizer in the morning.

The cream should not be too greasy so that its excess does not pollute the skin.

Moisturizing is essential for any skin type. Bold is no exception. After all, excess sebum and excess moisture are completely different concepts. Various masks are also available to moisturize the skin.

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