How To Do An Asymmetrical Evening Hairstyle

How To Do An Asymmetrical Evening Hairstyle
How To Do An Asymmetrical Evening Hairstyle

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How to do an asymmetrical evening hairstyle
How to do an asymmetrical evening hairstyle

Asymmetrical hairstyles are the choice for those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. The variety of asymmetric haircuts allows you to choose the right one for any age, any type of face and hair. Location: Location:

Asymmetrical haircuts are especially interesting because they can be used to highlight different facial features, depending on the graduation style and the variety of styling. Uneven lines and elongated borders work fine hair as well as thick and coarse hair. Most of all, such a haircut is suitable for women with a wide forehead and a massive lower jaw - the bangs will hide the width of the forehead, and the original outline of the top will distract attention from the unprofitable feature and balance the face. Torn edges that frame your face help hide rounded cheeks. An oblique bang will distract attention from a large nose. In addition, an asymmetrical haircut is the rare case when you can afford almost any, even the most daring hair color, experimenting with coloring individual strands.

The most popular of the asymmetric haircuts for short and medium length hair is the bob. In this case, the hairs have different lengths on both sides of the head, they are longer in the front and shorter in the back. There are no additional strands in the front of the head with this haircut.

Ultra-short asymmetrical haircuts look extravagant, but unexpectedly attractive. Unfortunately, as the hair grows, such a haircut quickly loses its shape, which, however, only plays into the hands of those who like experiments.

If you have long hair, you can try a haircut that mimics a double hairstyle: the hair is kept in length at the back, but it is cut short in the front. The following option has become very fashionable recently, especially among adolescents and young people: with long bangs laid to one side and a lush top of the hairstyle behind, the hair remains long and smooth.

Another plus of asymmetric haircuts is that they look no less impressive not only on straight, but also on curly hair. True, they do not show clear transitions from one length to another.

Spectacular and unconventional, asymmetric haircuts always impress others, giving your look a special personality.

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