❶ How To Whiten Teeth

❶ How To Whiten Teeth
❶ How To Whiten Teeth

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How to whiten teeth
How to whiten teeth

Many people dream of having a dazzling "Hollywood" smile. But during life, even teeth, white from birth, deteriorate and darken. The negative influence of cigarettes, coffee and tea is especially affected. Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic and dental procedure today. There are also home remedies. Location: Location:

A radiant white-toothed smile does not necessarily have to be given to a person from birth. Today teeth whitening is a procedure available to anyone. However, there are also contraindications. Teeth whitening is strictly not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. If you are prone to allergies to the drugs used, then you should refrain from this procedure. Teeth whitening itself does not harm health in any way, the only thing is that over time the teeth will become somewhat more sensitive, but this will soon pass. Professional whitening is done in dental clinics or salons, whose masters are licensed to provide such services. Whitening uses an active compound that interacts with the surface of the teeth. The deeper tissues of the tooth are not affected.The gums are covered with plates or lubricated with a protective gel. There are several types of dental whitening.

Chemical bleaching. In this procedure, the active substance is carbomide peroxide. The session, as a rule, is held only one, and it lasts no more than half an hour. Also, chemical whitening is sometimes done at home, but stronger solutions are used here that can damage the gums. In this case, more time is required for whitening, often several sessions are needed for the procedure.

Laser whitening. A newer method compared to chemical whitening, and softer and more gentle. A mixture is applied to the teeth, the main component of which is hydrogen peroxide. The laser then passes through each tooth, stopping on it for about half a minute. Such whitening is very effective; in just one procedure, you can whiten your teeth by several shades. The procedure has a "side" effect - disinfection of teeth, therefore laser whitening is the prevention of caries. The whitening effect lasts for about 7 years if the person does not smoke or drink coffee too often. Laser teeth whitening can be done even if there is untreated caries.

Photobleaching. This method appeared after the laser one. During the procedure, an active substance is used, which then, under the influence of halogen light, decomposes into atomic oxygen, and this, in turn, decomposes the darkened pigment of the dental tissue into its components. The effect of photobleaching lasts for several years.

For those who, for some reason, do not want or cannot subject their teeth to the whitening procedure, it is recommended to undergo dental cleaning of teeth, which is done in the clinic, twice a year. With this cleaning, a significant part of the plaque that appears on the teeth over time is removed, and the tooth enamel acquires its natural color.

It is not recommended to use active chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide at home. You risk seriously damaging your tooth enamel.

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