❶ Proper Hair Care After Curling

❶ Proper Hair Care After Curling
❶ Proper Hair Care After Curling

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Proper hair care after curling
Proper hair care after curling

With the help of a perm, you can get beautiful flowing curls that many girls dream of. Many modern perm products have a composition that is more gentle to the hair structure, but still, after this procedure, the hair requires special care. Location: Location:

Many young girls believe that perm is only suitable for ladies of an elegant age. But they are wrong, now there are quite a few types of curling, with which you can get soft large curls or small steep curls. This procedure will especially help those girls whose hair is naturally thin, devoid of volume.

But so that after curling, the curls look natural, shiny and lush, you need special hair care. After a perm, the hair becomes very sensitive to various external influences. Therefore, it is better not to wash your hair for the first few days.

Nowadays, stores sell quite a lot of hair care products after a perm. Of course, it is better to use special shampoos, balms, masks.

Since the hair becomes a little dry after curling, nourishing hair masks should be done weekly. You can buy ready-made masks in the store, or you can make yourself at home. For example, take one yolk, two tablespoons of castor oil, five grams of yeast, and one spoonful of cream. Stir all the ingredients, heat in a water bath. Then massage into hair roots. Wash off with shampoo after half an hour.

It is good to rinse chemically curled hair with various herbal infusions after each wash. You can make a special rinse aid. Take one tablespoon of forest mallow, add one liter of water and boil. Then add one spoonful of honey, the juice of half a lemon (or a tablespoon of wine vinegar). This rinse aid is used once a week for two months. The greatest effect will be if you use it after the masks.

Since the hair becomes very fragile after a perm, it is necessary to comb it with a comb with rare teeth. And to a minimum, use a hair dryer to dry your head. But if you use it, use a foam or mousse with a thermal protection effect. Please note that you can only dye your hair 2-3 weeks after curling.

If possible, you can, of course, contact a beauty salon, where your hair will be restored using professional means. But it is quite possible to add shine and strength to hair after curling on your own. The main thing is to regularly make various nourishing masks, use special products for this type of hair and just take good care of them.

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