❶ Blush Cheeks: How To Choose And Apply Blush

❶ Blush Cheeks: How To Choose And Apply Blush
❶ Blush Cheeks: How To Choose And Apply Blush

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Blush cheeks: how to choose and apply blush
Blush cheeks: how to choose and apply blush

Blush is present in the cosmetic bag of many women. The product is the finishing touch that gives the face a fresh and healthy complexion, as well as makes it more youthful and attractive! It is very important to know how to properly apply such cosmetics. Don't be afraid to experiment! Location: Location: Powder blush is the most versatile look. They can be used by everyone, but the remedy is especially suitable for owners of oily skin. This is due to its dense texture, which makes it easier to apply to problematic porous skin. Different shades of blush can be mixed with each other, achieving the tone you need. To create the effect of a light natural blush - apply them after applying the powder.

A creamy blush works well for those with dry skin. The product contains a large amount of moisturizing ingredients and oils. Apply a base foundation, blush your cheekbones, and then use powder.

Gel or liquid blush dries quickly. Therefore, they do not need to be applied on the face over the powder, but immediately on the skin that has been cleansed or covered with a tonal base. Makeup artists advise them to women of mature age. These products are characterized by moisture resistance.

For evening or festive makeup, use a glitter or bronze effect blush. Apply them to the cheekbones, forehead, or inner corners of the eyes. You can do it with your fingers, as you like. As a result, you get a soft shimmering effect on the skin. The funds will help to touch up minor flaws.

It is necessary to choose the right blush like this: go to the mirror and smile broadly. Apply a cosmetic product to the well-defined contour of the cheekbones. If you are using a brush, move it up and down continuously to create an even coverage. If with a sponge, make even circular movements.

For red lipstick, choose blush of the same or pink tone, for coral or apricot - peach shade. For brown lipsticks, you should choose a bronze blush, and lovers of pink flowers should pay attention to a palette of blush of a similar shade.

Pay attention to the complexion. Owners of dark skin should prefer crimson or beige-pink shades of the product, and light ones - pale pink. Chubby people should apply the blush from the cheekbones to the temples, those with an oval face - in the opposite direction.

Use just enough of the product at a time just to give your face freshness. Remove the excess with a brush and powder, but the excess liquid blush will have to be washed off - and you will have to reapply makeup.

Sticky blush (pencils) are convenient for express makeup. Apply them on the skin, blend well with your fingers until an even coverage is obtained and the complexion is even. Start on the cheeks, then move to the forehead and chin if necessary.

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