❶ How To Choose A Cream For Dry Skin

❶ How To Choose A Cream For Dry Skin
❶ How To Choose A Cream For Dry Skin

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How to choose a cream for dry skin
How to choose a cream for dry skin

It is especially important for people with dry skin to use a face cream, because dry skin indicates a lack of nutrients and vitamins it needs to maintain a healthy state. For those who do not want to solve this problem, wrinkles appear early, the skin becomes flabby, thin, easily damaged and constantly peels off. Location: Location:

It is important to choose the right cream for the treatment of dry skin. First of all, make sure that the label "for dry skin" is on the jar or tube with the product. In addition, choose a cream suitable for your age category, because mature skin needs more vitamins and substances that maintain its elasticity than young skin.

Carefully study the composition of the cream you want to purchase. A product intended for dry skin should contain nutrients and components that retain moisture and restore the normal functioning of skin cells and sebaceous glands.

For skin health, substances such as hyaluronic and salicylic acids, collagen, elastins, vitamin F, vitamin D, retinol, and herbal extracts are needed. It is desirable that, in addition to them, the composition also includes juices, extracts or oils of ginkgo biloba, walnut, olive, wheat germ, cucumber, chamomile, celandine, aloe vera, green tea. Dry skin creams can also include honey, royal jelly, and wax.

Pay attention to the fact that the base of the cream is animal fats or olive oil, and not glycerin, which will only worsen the condition of dry skin by drying out moisture from its deep layers.

Depending on the season, the structure of the cream for dry skin should also change. For example, in winter, you need to use a thick, oily cream with a large proportion of nutrients, not moisturizers. This will help save your skin from the harmful effects of cold and wind. In the summer, on the contrary, you need to use moisturizers with a light texture, which should include special ultraviolet filters that protect the skin from too bright sunlight.

In order for the action of the cream for dry skin to be effective and not aggravate the situation, it is important to apply it correctly. The room where you use the product must have a humidity of at least 70%. The action of the cream is based on the fact that it takes moisture from the environment and gives it to the skin. If the humidity is too low, it will act the other way around and can be harmful.

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