❶ Facial Skin Resurfacing: Pros And Cons

❶ Facial Skin Resurfacing: Pros And Cons
❶ Facial Skin Resurfacing: Pros And Cons

Video: ❶ Facial Skin Resurfacing: Pros And Cons

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Facial skin resurfacing: pros and cons
Facial skin resurfacing: pros and cons

The desire to remain beautiful and young is inherent in any woman. But, unfortunately, unbalanced nutrition, illness, poor environment, stress, chronic fatigue negatively affect the appearance. And women decide to take serious measures. Location: Location: Regular grooming, adequate sleep, exercise, and healthy eating can help a woman delay aging. Radical changes, such as getting rid of wrinkles, folds, blemishes, freckles, scars, enlarged pores, pronounced bags under the eyes, require a serious decision.

One of the most effective methods of facial skin rejuvenation is laser resurfacing - a modern cosmetic surgical method.

In addition to getting rid of the above problems, with the help of laser resurfacing, you can tighten the contours of the face and earlobes, remove burn marks, as well as hypertrophic and atrophic scars and scars from acne and acne.

Grinding can be carried out in several sessions and gives a pronounced, visible effect. The skin is significantly rejuvenated, fresher, cosmetic imperfections are removed, the woman looks 5-7 years younger.

The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia, the beam flow is regulated depending on the complexity of the problem, and stimulates the regeneration of young elastic cells with a high collagen content.

The total preparation time for grinding lasts about a month. The doctor prescribes special procedures for the patient that prepare the skin for laser intervention. During this period, non-glycol and retinoid creams are useful. It is likely that antibiotics or antiviral drugs may be prescribed to protect the patient from infection. A laser skin treatment session is individual in time and can last from several minutes to one and a half hours.

Anesthesia is also selected depending on the indications and the complexity of the task. After grinding, the skin is lubricated with a special ointment. After the session, the face will be swollen for some time, it will hurt and turn pink. The recovery process takes about two weeks. During this time, the skin returns to normal, the process of collagen production is in progress.

After final healing, there will be no signs of intervention on the face, it will be young and fresh.

As with any complex cosmetic procedure, there are several contraindications to laser resurfacing: acute chronic diseases, including local inflammatory skin diseases; systemic skin diseases; exacerbation of herpes viral infection; the presence of keloid scars or a tendency to their appearance; diabetes.

And like any other complex cosmetic procedure, laser resurfacing can have side effects. Namely: significant redness of the skin, hyperpigmentation, hypopegmentation, the appearance of atrophic scars, diffuse fibrosis.

If you have tried therapeutic cosmetological procedures and are thinking about surgical laser resurfacing, think very seriously: no doctor will give you a 100% guarantee, and no one can predict how your body will react to the intervention. It may be enough to tidy up your diet, daily routine, sleep, add physical activity and walk in the fresh air to improve the condition of your skin.

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