❶ New Year's Makeup

❶ New Year's Makeup
❶ New Year's Makeup

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New Year's makeup
New Year's makeup

On New Year's Eve, I want to look somehow special. After all, this is the beginning of the countdown of the new year, new hopes and achievements. Try to experiment with your appearance, striking the beauty and extraordinary image of your family and friends. Location: Location: The main rule of good makeup is harmony. You can consider several options for creating festive makeup, focusing on the cheeks, lips, eyes. However, you should not emphasize these parts of the face at the same time, it can look vulgar and ugly.

New Year's makeup: hot tropics

To fill the atmosphere with a festive mood, bring a golden glow to your look. For example, creamy, coppery, golden-sandy shades of eyeshadows will liven up New Year's makeup well and give exotic luxury to your look. In this makeup, accentuate the eyes, highlighting them with a dark brown pencil. Apply some shadows on the upper eyelid, blend them with an applicator or a special brush. Apply a shimmery golden shade to the inner corners of the eyes. You can complete this look with a transparent lip gloss in warm tones. You will get a natural and mysterious makeup. If you have pale skin, add a little blush, just don't overdo it.

New Year's makeup: evening in purple tones

Purple is like no other color suitable for various parties, the main thing is to skillfully present it. Focus on this makeup on the lips. To keep the lipstick on your lips for the whole evening, and you do not eat it after the first toast, outline the contour of your lips with a pencil. Apply lipstick evenly with a special brush, then powder it or blot your lips with a napkin. When choosing lipstick, look for plum, grape, and red-purple colors. Gently highlight the eyes along the upper eyelid with a dark blue pencil and add a little shade of blue or amethyst. This makeup will perfectly fit into the purple palette and will not leave you unnoticed on New Year's Eve.

New Year's makeup: winter cherry

It is an image based on a uniform color scheme that simultaneously emphasizes lips, cheeks and eyes. A subtle shimmery blush will give you a healthy glow. Pink or mauve shades will fit perfectly into the overall color scheme. Fix the effect with black lengthening mascara. Use a pink, burgundy, or purple lip gloss instead of lipstick. You will get a feminine, gentle and at the same time sexy image.

Author: Albert Sirastimov

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