❶ Fashion Short Nails Manicure

❶ Fashion Short Nails Manicure
❶ Fashion Short Nails Manicure

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Fashionable manicure for short nails
Fashionable manicure for short nails

Beautiful well-groomed hands are the calling card of every girl. In this case, it is not at all necessary to have long nails. Today, manicure on short nails is recognized as fashionable. However, in order to achieve the desired result, you need to know about certain rules for its implementation. Location: Location:

First of all, experts urge not to shape nails with a metal file, it is better to use a sand-sprayed file. And if you have weak and exfoliating marigolds, then a fine-grained one with a buffer zone will do. At the same time, before filing, the nails should not be wetted, otherwise they will become brittle.

As for the shape of the nail, square is in fashion today. But it will look beautiful only on long and thin fingers. The rest of the girls are advised to choose the classic oval shape.

You need to know about other features of manicure on thin nails. For example, dark and bright colors of varnish visually increase the length of the fingers. And if your nail plate is too wide, then you should not paint it around the edges - so it will visually become narrower. By the way, the ideal length for such nails will be the one in which the tips of the fingers are not visible from the back of the hand.

When it comes to nail design, it should be approached carefully. The main condition is a harmonious appearance. So, it is not recommended to use more than three colors of varnish, it is better to use several shades of the same color.

On short nails, it is definitely not necessary to depict large patterns that occupy the entire surface of the plate. You don't need to use many small details (for example, rhinestones, beads, sparkles). It is better to refuse acrylic modeling too - it looks good only on long nails.

When choosing an oval nail shape, remember that floral designs, coupled with a light romantic background, will suit you. The square shape looks great, if you apply a dark and bright varnish, you can add a graphic image. But the jacket will always be appropriate.

Thus, a manicure on short nails can be interesting and original if all its details are in harmony with each other.

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