❶ How To Put Things In Order In A Cosmetic Bag

❶ How To Put Things In Order In A Cosmetic Bag
❶ How To Put Things In Order In A Cosmetic Bag

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How to clean up your makeup bag
How to clean up your makeup bag

"God saw a woman's purse and created … a garbage can." This wonderful and very accurate phrase is absolutely applicable to the ladies' cosmetic bag. Almost always, they are oversaturated with a bunch of all sorts of funds that are not needed at all every day, and a cosmetic bag filled with them will burst at the seams. We will urgently figure out how to put things in order in a cosmetic bag. Location: Location:

If someone doubts that it is necessary to do this, I will immediately name a couple of weighty arguments in favor of "cleaning" in a cosmetic bag. The first one - God forbid, your man will see what a mess and heap is going on in your holy of holies. Firstly, he will immediately decide that you are a slob, and secondly, he will suspect that your beauty, to put it mildly, is not entirely natural. Men don't like cosmetics at all. They may like the result, but they don't like the process at all, the amount of money and effort that the girls spend on it, as well as the taste and smell. It's a different matter when you touch the soft female lips and inhale the scent of female skin. Therefore, all lipsticks, varnishes, powders and so on cause them a feeling, akin to disgust.

The second argument for tidying up is that it will become much easier for you to carry your bag. And all together will look much more aesthetically pleasing. So let's get down to business.

Start by dumping the contents of your makeup bag on the table. If you have several types of lipsticks, eyeliners, pencils for lips and eyes in front of you, know that this is definitely too much. Ideally, they say that only scarlet lipstick should be observed in a woman's purse. But this is from the category of legends, if only because scarlet lipstick is by no means suitable for everyone, and mascara or eyeliner is no less important item for creating beauty on your face.

Therefore, the main criterion in the selection of funds allowed to be in your purse should be daily demand. Only carry with you what you use every day. And outside the home. Your morning makeup can consist of several shades of foundation, eyeshadow, blush, applied with five brushes from the world's best manufacturers, but all this should remain at your home. Surely, in the office, you do not spend an hour to renew this work of art. Exceptions to this rule are possible if you do not plan to spend the night at home. But then put all your complex decorative tools in a separate special case (if you can't do without all this in the morning).

Better still, leave it at home. Because if you are spending the night with a man, you should not scare him with your mini-warehouse of your cosmetics. He can regard this as the seizure of his territory and the next date simply will not happen. And if you spend the night outside the city or with a friend, you will most likely have less time for makeup than usual, because you are driving in order to chat midnight. So it's better to sleep a little longer in the morning - there will be more benefits.

So, the list of what is necessary, i.e. remaining in your cosmetic bag, which is in your purse every day, should look something like this: lipstick, balm and lip liner, shadows (if you really fix your eye makeup during the day), eyeliner and mascara in case of unexpected smudges due to snow, rain or tears, and powder or foundation. All!!! If any of the things I mentioned are not used, so much the better!

And remember, a cosmetic bag should be graceful and catch the eye of men with its mystery (not bloat). The way they perceive it as something forbidden, inaccessible to their understanding and rank you as a clan of Women with a capital letter. Let the practical purpose of the contents of this accessory remain a mystery to them.

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