❶ Using Citrus Oils For Facial Beauty

❶ Using Citrus Oils For Facial Beauty
❶ Using Citrus Oils For Facial Beauty

Video: ❶ Using Citrus Oils For Facial Beauty

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Using citrus oils for facial beauty
Using citrus oils for facial beauty

Essential oils are widely used in cosmetology. Among them, citrus fruit oil, which is part of many face masks, is deservedly popular. Location: Location: The advantage of this type of oil is its relative availability compared to other types of oils. Although, in order to obtain a liter of essential substances, it is required to process about 500 kg of raw materials. Citrus oil contains minerals and vitamins that moisturize and nourish the skin. The only contraindication to use concerns the rather high allergenicity of the extract of essential substances from these fruits. Therefore, such oils are added to masks in a minimal amount and are not recommended for those who suffer from food allergies to citrus fruits.

The use of citrus oils depends on which type of fruit they are derived from. The most versatile citrus oil is lemon. It can be added to face masks for all skin types. In this case, masks can be not only of their own manufacture, but also of industrial production. In the latter case, the essential oil will additionally enrich the composition with useful substances.

Citrus face oils derived from orange come in different compositions and aromas. This is due to the fact that sweet and bitter varieties of oranges are used in their manufacture, as well as the bark and shoots of the tree itself. In the latter case, petitgrain essential oil is obtained.

To create masks, you can use only natural oil that has not expired. Synthetic oils are suitable only for the production of perfumery, as they have no useful properties.

To prepare a mask for dry skin, you need to take a tablespoon of any vegetable oil and dissolve 2 drops of lemon essential oil in it.

To lighten age spots, orange oil is added to jojoba oil. With this composition, the face is wiped before washing.

Bitter orange oil improves the regeneration of skin cells, therefore it is suitable for the mature type. In order to get a revitalizing face mask, you need to mix three drops of orange with a teaspoon of any vegetable oil, the same amount of honey and egg yolk.

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