❶ Permed Eyelashes Or Extensions?

❶ Permed Eyelashes Or Extensions?
❶ Permed Eyelashes Or Extensions?

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Permed eyelashes or extension?
Permed eyelashes or extension?

It's no secret that long and curved eyelashes add charm and grace to your look. The eyes seem larger and more expressive, men will definitely pay attention to such a girl. For one day, you can curl your eyelashes with curling mascara or tweezers, but to look great always, you need more drastic measures - perm or extensions. Location: Location: If you have beautiful, long enough, straight lashes, try a perm. It will look natural and at the same time, the look will become much more expressive, you can do without decorative cosmetics. For those who are dissatisfied with the length and thickness of their eyelashes, it is better to choose an extension and give the required volume to the eyelashes.

Both perm and extensions will give you beauty for about 2-3 months, depending on the growth rate of your own eyelashes. In this case, the "chemistry" will gradually disappear by itself, as new eyelashes grow and curled eyelashes fall out. Extended eyelashes will have to be corrected every 2-3 weeks so that they maintain uniformity and hold tight.

Perming eyelashes in many ways resembles a similar procedure with hair. Each eyelash is wound on special disposable rollers of different sizes. Then the middle part of the eyelash is covered with a special compound that fixes the curl. After a while, the composition is gently washed off and a fixative is applied to the eyelashes. Only then are the curlers removed. The whole procedure takes about an hour and, if done professionally, is absolutely safe.

During extension, artificial hairs are glued to the base of the native eyelashes with glue. The glue can be black or transparent, the eyelashes can be made of natural or synthetic material, you choose. There are two main ways to build up - with bundles (lasts about 2 months) and eyelash (lasts up to 3.5 months).

Both perm and extensions can cause allergic reactions (in the first case, to the chemical composition when it gets on the mucous membrane of the eyes, in the second - to glue or to the artificial eyelashes themselves). In addition, you should not do extensions if you often have conjunctivitis, your eyelashes are weak (fall out), oily skin of the eyelids.

Perming will not change your life in any way - you can still wear contact lenses, paint, wash or bathe, all this will not affect the perm. However, "chemistry" somewhat spoils the structure of the hair, so try to find time to care for them - make masks from castor oil for eyelashes. The color will also change - curled lashes will look faded. To avoid the need for permanent tint, after a few days, you can tint your eyelashes with a permanent makeup.

In order for extended eyelashes to please you long enough, they need special care. Any mechanical damage can cause fragility, so forget about the habit of rubbing your eyes, wash your face also very carefully. In addition, the constant wearing of contact lenses can lead to breakage. Do not use oily cosmetics and oils - they contribute to the peeling of eyelashes. Long stay in the sauna or steam bath can also adversely affect the eyelashes.

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