❶ Basic Techniques Of Facial Massage

❶ Basic Techniques Of Facial Massage
❶ Basic Techniques Of Facial Massage

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Basic techniques of facial massage
Basic techniques of facial massage

In order for the skin of the face to look young and smooth, and on the cheeks a slight blush appears, it is not necessary to apply tons of tonalities and powders on yourself. This "plaster" only hides the flaws, but does not get rid of them. Of course, various moisturizers and nourishing creams help to keep the skin toned. But there is no better remedy for a youthful face than a well-done massage. Location: Location:

It is not recommended to engage in self-massage, as you can accidentally damage your skin, stretch it, which will lead to an increase in the number of wrinkles. However, in order to give yourself a massage without consequences, it is enough to remember the main rule: in no case should you displace the skin and cause discomfort to yourself. Massage is designed to relax every cell, energize it, and even help relieve stress, rather than torture and harm.

The main method of facial massage is stroking along the main massage lines: from the chin to the earlobe, from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the tip of the nose to the center of the forehead, from the middle of the lower lip to the auricle, from the outer edge of the eye along the cheekbone to the nose and back along the cheek to the ear. It is important to remember that massage can only be done using massage cream and in no case on dry skin.

Another massage method is to lightly tap the main massage lines with your fingers. Be sure to tap lightly so as not to harm the skin!

Often, when massaging the face, the neck area is captured, while driving your hands along the line from the earlobe to the collarbone and back. A gentle tingling boosts blood flow, which leaves your skin looking rosy and fresher.

The massage should be done very gently and carefully, as there are a lot of acupuncture points on the face, which are responsible for the health of the whole organism. Strong pressing on any of these points can lead to discomfort not only on the face, but also on the internal organ.

In addition to external hand massage, it is recommended to carry out internal massage, a kind of warm-up of the facial muscles. For example, fold your lips in a tube and make nine circular movements in one direction and the other, and then sharply open your mouth and eyes as wide as possible, so that the skin on your face stretches. Then, as it were, collect the nose and eyes "in a bunch", to the nose and stretch again. Such exercises will help to make the skin of the face elastic, which will prevent the appearance of expression lines.

Remember that happiness is not in ideality, but in individuality!

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