❶ How To Style Your Hair

❶ How To Style Your Hair
❶ How To Style Your Hair

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How to style your hair
How to style your hair

With the help of beautiful styling, a woman will always look unbeatable in any situation. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to resort to the services of hairdressers and stylists for this. Self-styled hairstyle will lay the foundation for creating a chic look. Location: Location: Style only clean hair. After you wash your hair, rinse it with cool water. If you have dry hair ends, apply shampoo only to the roots while washing and conditioner to the ends.

Do not comb your hair immediately after washing - dry it slightly with a towel. Then apply a styling product such as gel or foam. Start at the back of your head. Thus, the ends of the hair will not stick together. Tilt your head down, then loosen your hair and apply styling product with gentle strokes.

To add volume to your hair, lift your head and shake it lightly. If you want to give curls a crisp shape, mix the serum with a little curly balm. The serum will give them a shine. Apply the mixture to your palms and work each strand by winding it around your finger. Then dry your hair without a hairdryer and apply some serum on the unsuccessfully curled areas.

Another way to add volume to curly hair is to wash it before bed and spray it with styling product. When you wake up, do not comb them, but lay them with your hands. This will make your hairstyle look fuller.

Apply some mousse to the roots of damp hair. Massage them with your hands, then blow dry your hair using a large brush. Then use the gloss wax to treat the ends of the hair.

If you want smoothness in your hair, apply a conditioner that doesn't require rinsing. Comb and dry them. Then rub a small amount of smoothing cream into your palms and distribute it over the entire length of your hair. Start at ear level and down. Using a thick brush, blow dry your hair.

If you want to give your hair a slight carelessness - apply a special modeling cream to your hair, then dry it. Braid a braid, and then, loosening it, you get careless light waves.

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