❶ Natural Honey Body Masks

❶ Natural Honey Body Masks
❶ Natural Honey Body Masks

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Natural honey body masks
Natural honey body masks

Honey well cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of any type, makes it elastic and smooth, saturates the tissues with useful substances. Honey masks should be applied to clean, steamed skin, and it is useful to combine them with massage of individual areas of the body. Location: Location:

An anti-cellulite honey mask has become widespread, which must be applied immediately after taking a bath or shower, when the pores are enlarged and the skin perfectly absorbs any preparations. Apply warm honey to your thighs and buttocks, leave for a couple of minutes, and then start the massage - press your hands to your body and pull them off sharply. Thus, problem areas with pronounced stagnant phenomena are being worked out. Leave the honey on for a few minutes before completing the procedure so that the skin is sufficiently hydrated.

Combining honey with other products increases the effectiveness of the masks, therefore, the ingredients should be selected depending on the desired effect, body part and skin characteristics. Honey with egg yolk softens dry areas of the skin well, so it is useful to make honey compresses on the elbows, chest and buttocks. The honey yeast mask tightens the tissues, restoring their firmness and elasticity - apply a mixture of liquid honey, cream and yeast diluted with water to the abdomen.

A mixture of honey and red pepper has an invigorating and refreshing effect - mix ground nutmeg with red pepper (a tablespoon each), and add the powder to warmed honey. It's a great skin freshener, but you should only use it once a week to prevent redness and irritation.

If you often visit the bathhouse, then increase the effectiveness of the procedure - before entering the steam room, apply a mixture of honey and ordinary table salt in equal parts to the body. For 10 minutes, while in the steam room, massage the body - the mask produces a scrub effect and makes the skin smooth and silky. Another option for a honey scrub - honey is mixed with banana and sugar, applied to the body with light massaging movements.

The firming properties of honey can be used to eliminate double chin - mix one egg, two teaspoons of honey, and some olive oil. Apply the mixture to the chin and neck area, leave it on for a few minutes, then massage and pat a few times.

After epilation, a honey mask soothes the skin and promotes its restoration - dilute a teaspoon of honey in 100 grams of warm water. Apply the solution to the epilation area and leave it on for 20 minutes, then remove with water.

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