❶ How To Choose A Tanning Cream

❶ How To Choose A Tanning Cream
❶ How To Choose A Tanning Cream

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How to choose a tanning cream
How to choose a tanning cream

For residents of a country where winter sometimes lasts more than three months, a solarium is a real find. Here you can get a tan all year round, regardless of the weather outside. However, do not forget that the skin needs protection as well as in the summer when you sunbathe. Location: Location:

Choose a tanning cream in a tanning bed according to your skin type. If you have a very light skin type 1 that is difficult to tan, you need special protection. A tanning cream should be as protective as possible, especially if you have sensitive skin. The cream must contain antioxidants to enhance protection.

For light-skinned people of the European type, who tan well in the sun without burns and acquire an even tan after several procedures, creams with tanning enhancers for tanning salons are suitable.

It is not recommended to use tingle-effect creams for people with such skin.

If you have a dark skin, creams with bronzers will do. These are special creams that contain henna extracts or other natural dyes that enhance the effect of the tanning bed, after which the tan takes on a more intense shade.

For people with dark skin, tingle-effect creams are available. With this effect, tanning appears on the skin in just a few hours due to the enhancement of the subcutaneous microcirculation of the skin. However, do not forget that if you have varicose veins or sensitive skin, this cream is strictly contraindicated for you.

Tanning creams are also divided into age groups, because with age, the skin requires stronger protection from ultraviolet radiation. For mature skin, manufacturers create creams with unique ingredients that intensely moisturize and fight against age-related changes.

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