❶ How To Glue Nails

❶ How To Glue Nails
❶ How To Glue Nails

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How to glue your nails
How to glue your nails

False nails are an irreplaceable thing if you need to have a beautiful manicure for the evening - one day (for example, for celebrations, weddings, etc.) If you glue such nails correctly, they will hold out on your hands for about a day or even a couple of days. Gluing your nails is not difficult, it is quite possible even with a complete lack of experience. Location: Location: Before sticking the tips, you need to do a manicure, treat your own nails with a degreasing liquid - for example, nail polish remover. If this is not done, dust and dirt on the nails will prevent the tips from sticking well - and they will fall off quickly enough.

Then you need to gently grease both your own nail and the inside of the tips with glue and attach the false nail to your own, pressing for a few seconds (this is done so that the glue is distributed as much as possible over the entire surface of the nail and has time to set well).

First, you need to glue the tips on all nails - and only then you can start processing them in accordance with your own wishes. The nails are given the required shape and length. If you do not follow this order and start cutting off the non-glued tips, you can miscalculate and ruin a couple of false nails.

If glue remains on the skin around the nails, you can easily remove it by applying a layer of cream to the skin, and after a couple of minutes it is easy to wipe off the excess.

Already glued nails of the desired shape are varnished, decorated with rhinestones, adhesive patterns. In addition, there are options for false nails in various colors with patterns already applied. These options can be chosen so as not to suffer with the final treatment of nails.

When the nails are already completely ready, you need to try to save them until the right moment - so you should not do household chores, in extreme cases - you must definitely wear gloves.

Just in case, going to a significant event, after sticking your nails on, it will not hurt to put tip glue in your purse so as not to spoil the event with a falling off nail.

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