❶ How To Make The Effect Of Wet Hair

❶ How To Make The Effect Of Wet Hair
❶ How To Make The Effect Of Wet Hair

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How to make the effect of wet hair
How to make the effect of wet hair

When there is no time at all, but you need to look spectacular and beautiful, it is enough to create the effect of wet hair. With this hairstyle, the hair will retain its shape for a long time in any situation. Location: Location: The best wet hair effect is on clean hair. For washing, you should use a special shampoo for wavy hair or one that will give the strands extra volume. After the hair is slightly dry, you need to comb it and make a parting. It can be a classic parting in the middle of the head, on the side or in a zigzag part.

Now you need to choose a styling product. To create the effect of wet curls, you can use a special tool, gel or regular strong fixing foam.

Then squeeze a small amount of the product onto your hand, rub in your palms and apply to hair along the entire length. When applying, the strands should be slightly wrinkled and shaken slightly with your hands. This will give the volume necessary for this hairstyle. Too much product should not be applied, as a large amount will only weigh down and ruin the styling, and the hair will look untidy.

After that, you should carefully dry the curls with a hairdryer, being careful not to disheve the strands. Or let your hair dry naturally by shaking it occasionally. To get more wavy curls, you need to wrinkle the strands with your hand when drying.

If your hair dryer has a diffuser designed specifically for wet hair, you can use it. To do this, you also need to first apply a fixing agent to the hair. And then, choosing small strands of hair, lay them in a nozzle and keep until completely dry.

It is very important not to brush your hair after it has dried. Otherwise, you can ruin the entire styling.

To make the hairstyle look even more elegant, it is worth pinning the strands of hair with a beautiful hair clip on the back or side. And you can lay them up, securing them with pins.

Styling will hold up better if you fix it with hairspray.

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