Cleansing Your Face For Acne

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Cleansing Your Face For Acne
Cleansing Your Face For Acne

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How to cleanse your face for acne at home
How to cleanse your face for acne at home

Acne is not just a teenage problem. They meet at thirty and forty years old. This is due to increased fat production. The pores become clogged, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to multiply. Therefore, at any age you need to take care of your face skin, fight acne with cleaning and special cosmetics. Location: Location:

How to clear acne on your face

You need to understand that getting rid of acne at once will not work. This is a long process that includes a variety of treatments, masks, regenerative care and preventive actions. These are permanent activities, stopping one of which can lead to recurrence of acne.

The first stage of cleansing the face from acne is the action aimed at removing comedones. Scrubs, mechanical or hardware cleaning will help here. However, it must be remembered that mechanical cleaning is effective only in the case of "black dots". If there are a lot of abscesses on the face, or red dense acne, such a procedure will only harm. It is impossible to squeeze out such comedones, you need to find out the cause of their appearance and eliminate it. If there are no such acne, you can clean your face over steam. To do this, pour boiling water into a small bowl. Cover yourself with a towel and sit for seven to ten minutes. The pores will open and become much easier to clean. To prevent acne from appearing after brushing, wipe your face with lotion containing alcohol.

Acne masks

You can also use masks to cleanse your face of acne and acne. They will not only relieve irritation, but also narrow wide pores. A clay mask for cleansing the face from acne does its job especially well. To prepare it, you need to buy dry clay at the pharmacy and dilute it with water. Apply the mass to the face and wait until it dries. This mask has the effect of a scrub, and also perfectly dries oily skin and regulates the action of the sebaceous glands.

The second stage in the fight against acne is the regulation of the activity of the sebaceous glands. To do this, you can use special cosmetics - serums or emulsions, as well as wipe your face with aloe juice or a decoction of oak bark.

The third stage is to restore the moisture balance of the skin. For this, cucumber or zucchini masks, as well as special nourishing gels, are suitable. They will saturate the skin with useful substances without clogging the pores.

This complex of procedures will help not only cope with acne, but also prevent their reappearance.

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