❶ How To Shop For Free In A Cosmetics Store

❶ How To Shop For Free In A Cosmetics Store
❶ How To Shop For Free In A Cosmetics Store

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How to shop for free in a cosmetics store
How to shop for free in a cosmetics store

Powder, cream, blush, lipstick, mascara and many other cosmetics empty your wallet every month? Agree, this is a real problem, because it is almost impossible for a woman who looks after her appearance to do without cosmetics, and it costs quite a lot. However, some smart and enterprising ladies know how to avoid unnecessary expenses. For example, nothing will stop you from shopping for free in a cosmetic store, no matter how unexpected it may sound. Location: Location:

So, in order to get the coveted boxes and tubes "free of charge, that is, for free", you need to follow a few simple rules:

1) Communication with a consultant.

Whenever you enter a major cosmetic store, a girl consultant greets you and offers her help. Surely most often you immediately refuse her services, believing that they will try to impose on you expensive and unnecessary goods. To get cosmetics for free, you have to change your mind about the consultants. From now on, they will become your friends.

Be sure to start a dialogue with the seller, tell us about what funds you are choosing, how much you expect. You will immediately receive a lot of interesting information about what is best for your skin type, hair, eye shade, and so on. Most likely, you will be offered to try on yourself decorative cosmetics of different tones and brands. Do not refuse to do free makeup, after which you may be presented with samples of those products that interest you.

2) Attending sales.

Like clothing stores, beauty boutiques also run seasonal sales. By visiting them, you have the opportunity to purchase quality cosmetics at ridiculous prices. Some stores offer Gift for a Purchase or Two for One promotions, thanks to which you can get the desired product for free. It is easy to find out about a promotion or sale on the website of a cosmetic store.

3) Customer card.

Make it a rule to get loyalty cards or loyalty cards at cosmetic stores. It won't take long to fill out the form at the checkout, in return you will receive an additional discount and, quite possibly, congratulations and gifts for your birthday, March 8 and other dates. Leave your e-mail address in the form, and you will always be aware of new arrivals, promotions and discounts.

4) Gift card.

You can shop for free in a cosmetics store in one more simple way. If your friends or family are going to give you a gift, for example, for your birthday, hint to them that you would like to receive a gift card for cosmetics. With the coveted certificate in your hands, you just go and type in the store everything that your heart desires for the amount indicated on it. Isn't it a nice opportunity to get exactly what you wanted for a long time, and exactly that shade and brand?

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