❶ Pigmentation: Fight Against "kisses Of The Sun"

❶ Pigmentation: Fight Against "kisses Of The Sun"
❶ Pigmentation: Fight Against "kisses Of The Sun"

Video: ❶ Pigmentation: Fight Against "kisses Of The Sun"

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Pigmentation: fight against
Pigmentation: fight against

In the spring you want to gild your skin, to expose your face and body to the first rays of the sun. Unfortunately, predisposed people with fair skin immediately develop "kisses of the sun" in the form of pigment spots of various shapes, which are located not only on the skin of the face, but also throughout the body. How to deal with this and can it be prevented? Location: Location: Cause of pigmentation

Dark-skinned people are usually not susceptible to the appearance of age spots, as their skin contains a large amount of melanin.

People with fair skin are forced to start fighting pigmentation as soon as the first spring sun generously illuminates them with its rays. What is the reason? Fair skin contains very little melanin, but the real reason lies much deeper. Hormonal changes in the body, heredity, minor injuries - all this leads not only to the appearance of freckles, but also large age spots, or chloasma. They can have different shapes and colors: yellowish-brownish, brown.

As the sun becomes less active, the spots become almost invisible, but in the spring they are striking again, as they become intensely colored.

Ephelids are common freckles, which are called "kisses of the sun" or literally "sun patches". The reason for their appearance is a genetic predisposition. Under the influence of the amino acid tyrosine and ultraviolet radiation, freckles cover the face and body of fair-skinned people, most often with red hair. And the battle begins again.

How to deal with pigmentation

First of all, people prone to the appearance of freckles or age spots should make it a rule to never go out with unprotected skin. This will help prevent freckles and pigmentation. For protection, you can use special products with an SPF factor of at least 15-20 units. When visiting the beach, a protective cream must have an SPF of at least 30 units.

If freckles or age spots do appear, it is quite difficult to cope with them. Chemical peeling, laser resurfacing, can be done only from October to February. The rest of the time, it is better to use bleaching agents to fight freckles and age spots.

Masks with lemon, rose hips, cucumber, strawberries, parsley are ideal. For masks, you must use fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. The method of application is quite simple. Grind the lemon or rose hips with a blender, squeeze a little and cover the face liberally, avoiding the eyes and lips. After 20 minutes, rinse everything thoroughly and apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream with parsley extract. Perform the procedure before bedtime. You cannot go outside after bleaching.

Hormonal background and "kisses of the sun"

If a woman takes birth control pills, is carrying a baby or suffers from hormonal imbalances, age spots may appear even in the cold season. Excess estrogen increases the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. It is completely useless to get rid of such stains on your own. A woman should visit a gynecologist-endocrinologist and get advice on replacing contraceptive drugs or treating hormonal disorders.

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