❶ How To Choose A Cream For Young Skin

❶ How To Choose A Cream For Young Skin
❶ How To Choose A Cream For Young Skin

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How to choose a cream for young skin
How to choose a cream for young skin

The sooner a woman begins to monitor the health of her skin, the younger and better she looks in adulthood. Therefore, it is very important to start taking proper care of yourself at a young age. It is advisable to start using various cosmetics as soon as you start trying to create makeup, but not later than 18 years old. Location: Location:

All creams for young skin are subdivided into remedies for teenage and actually for young skin.

Cosmetics for teenage skin are aimed at treating inflammation, acne, acne, hormonal problems, as well as general skin nutrition.

When choosing a cream for teenage skin, make sure that the label is marked accordingly. If you develop acne or pimples, buy a cream for problem skin with an anti-acne or anti-inflammatory complex. Creams for teenage skin should include yeast, herbal extracts, aloe juice, salicylic acid and zinc.

Creams designed to care for young skin nourish, moisturize and tone the skin, keeping it healthy. They may include extracts of various plants, honey, oatmeal, egg yolk, wheat germ, vegetable oils.

Products in this group should be selected according to your skin type. In order for the purchased product to be effective, it is important to correctly determine your type.

If you have dry skin, you feel a feeling of tightness after washing your face with soap or even just water, if you run your finger across your face, you can hear a rustle, and in some areas the skin may peel off. In this case, buy creams that contain collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, olive oil.

If you notice that your skin is shiny, acne, blackheads and blackheads often appear, then you have an oily skin type. Creams with extracts of chamomile, millennial, calendula, aloe, zinc and salicylic acid are suitable for you. Means containing vegetable oils are not worth buying.

If your forehead is shiny and your nose flakes off (or vice versa), you have mixed or combined skin type. In this case, you can buy different creams for different areas, or you can use special products for this type of skin, which include chamomile, plantain, calendula, aloe, shea butter, meadow core oil or sesame oil.

If you do not feel that your face is tightened after washing your face, you have no acne and no oily sheen, then you have normal skin. Creams that are not intended for treatment, moisturizing or nutrition, but for care and protection are suitable for you. When buying products in the store, just make sure that the label is marked "for normal skin".

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