❶ How To Create Beautiful Eyebrows

❶ How To Create Beautiful Eyebrows
❶ How To Create Beautiful Eyebrows

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How to create beautiful eyebrows
How to create beautiful eyebrows

Brooke Shields-style natural eyebrows are still popular. Many stars, following fashion trends, have grown thick eyebrows and after that began to look even better. Most importantly, do not confuse naturalness with sloppiness. You are required to create a natural effect while maintaining a well-groomed and neat look. Location: Location:

When you decide to grow your eyebrows, take the first step firmly - don't use the tweezers too often. Only remove hairs that protrude strongly beyond the eyebrow line. Don't be afraid to pluck hairs along the upper border, especially if your eyebrows are thick. This will not make the eyebrows look narrow, but will simply give them a sharper shape. Rub castor oil, almond oil, or regular nourishing hair conditioner into your brows daily. This will speed up hair growth.

Be careful when determining the length of your eyebrows. Too short a line visually reduces the eyes, a long one looks sloppy. Attach one end of the pencil to the center of your right nostril and the other to the inner corner of your right eye. Make a dot where the pencil touches the bone under the eyebrow. This will be the inner edge of the eyebrow. Then place your pencil from the outside of your nostril to the outside corner of your eye. Find the point where the brow will end.

Always use good tweezers with sharp, beveled ends. This will make the plucking as painless as possible, a blunt instrument can rip out a whole bunch of hair. You can apply a cold compress or rub your skin with an ice cube before plucking. This will reduce sensitivity.

Start removing hairs from the bottom line just above the middle of the pupil, where the eyebrow curves up. Pull the skin with your fingers, grab the hair at the very root and pull sharply. Always pluck hair in the direction of growth, this will less traumatize the hair follicles. Do not get carried away: if you pluck out too much, the eyebrow will rise, giving you a constantly surprised look.

To prevent the hairs from sticking out randomly to the sides, run a fixing pencil over them or apply a special conditioner to your eyebrows. Many serious cosmetic companies produce similar products. Your usual moisturizer is also suitable, thanks to which the hairs will lay down neatly and evenly. Then brush your eyebrows using a special hair brush. You can use an old toothbrush. Brush your eyebrows towards the temples and up.

The eyebrow tone should not differ much from the hair color, the maximum allowable difference is one tone darker or lighter. The pencil gives clarity, it is good for them to paint over small areas. In order to paint over the entire brow, use a suitable shade of eyeshadow: it looks more natural. Put a bold point at the place of the bend of the eyebrow, and then blend the shadows with a brush in both directions.

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