❶ How To Remove Flat Warts

❶ How To Remove Flat Warts
❶ How To Remove Flat Warts

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How to remove flat warts
How to remove flat warts

Flat warts are an infectious disease caused by the papilloma virus. These warts are flat and in most cases affect children and adolescents, although their appearance in older age is not excluded. Location: Location: If warts appear, consult a dermatologist immediately. After the examination, the doctor will be able to make a final diagnosis and prescribe treatment. In no case should you self-medicate, especially if warts appear on your face - improper removal can lead to scarring. In addition, warts can sometimes indicate some kind of disease that requires treatment, or turn into a malignant formation, which is dangerous to health to treat without a doctor.

Today, there are many ways to remove warts. One of the most popular is the method of laser removal. This procedure lasts only a few minutes, and with little or no pain. A small depression remains at the site of the wart, which disappears after a few weeks.

To remove warts, liquid nitrogen is also used, which is used to freeze the growth. This method also has some disadvantages - too deep exposure can leave a scar.

The method of electrocoagulation is often used, but sometimes a small trace remains after it.

At one time, the method of surgical section was widely used to remove warts, which is now practically not used, since as a result of such a procedure, a noticeable trace of the seam remains.

Various ointments are also used to treat warts. The most common remedy is 60% salicylic ointment, which softens the wart tissue and makes it fall off.

There are also a number of traditional medicine recipes, but before starting treatment, consult your doctor. The juice from the celandine stem is considered very useful. Such a remedy should be applied every day to the affected area of ​​the skin. By the way, in the pharmacy you can buy a concentrated extract of this plant, but it needs to be applied only to the tissues of the wart, as there is a risk of burning healthy skin areas. This method of treatment requires patience. By the way, flat warts are usually located in groups, among which there is one "maternal" wart - it is the largest. If you can get her out, then all the others will disappear by themselves.

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