❶ How To Choose A Nail Design

❶ How To Choose A Nail Design
❶ How To Choose A Nail Design

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How to choose a nail design
How to choose a nail design

A well-done manicure will decorate a woman's fingers better than any ring. It is important to choose the right nail design. It should match the image, blend in with the outfit and makeup, and be relevant. Location: Location: In accordance with today's fashion trends, the color of the nail polish may not match the tone of the lipstick, but must be combined with any piece of clothing or accessory. For example, with a scarf, bag, belt. It is also important to consider where you are going to appear. Bright nails decorated with rhinestones are unlikely to go with a business suit, but they will be appropriate for an evening look.

In the spring-summer 2012 season, preference is given to short almond-shaped or rounded nails. At the peak of popularity, varnishes of bright shades, especially rich red, ripe cherry, coral, purple, chocolate.

The famous jacket has not lost its relevance. This year, the white tip of the nail should be decorated with Swarovski crystals or a pattern. Please note that on long nails, the jacket will look vulgar even in the classic version. French manicure can be diversified with Fan French Design. In this case, the nail and its tip are covered with colored varnishes (for example, red and burgundy).

The moon manicure remains fashionable, only the rim is made out with an acute angle, and not a crescent.

The trend of the season is the multi-colored coating of nails. It involves two shades of varnish. Combinations of purple and orange, purple and pale pink are considered especially fashionable. But such a design will look elegant if the varnish is placed in a specific order. For example, the nails of the index and thumb are pink, the middle and ring are purple, and the pinky is pink again.

At the peak of popularity, "animal" and floral prints. Long square-shaped nails, mother-of-pearl varnishes, and volumetric design have lost their relevance.

In the 2012 season, a different color of varnish is allowed on the hands and feet. The only condition is that the shades must be contrasting. For example, black and red.

If the latest fashion trends are not to your taste, opt for classic nail designs. He also remains popular. The Spanish manicure will add elegance to the image. Here, white or pinkish-milky varnish is applied to the nails with the first layer, the second - bright. This coating creates an interesting rainbow effect.

American manicure is also in the trend of the new season. In this case, short oval-shaped nails are varnished in juicy shades. The color of the coating on the hands and feet should be the same and match the shade of the lipstick.

Decorating nails with geometric shapes has also become a classic. But such a design requires the continuation of the pattern in clothing and accessories.

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