❶ 10 Breast Myths

❶ 10 Breast Myths
❶ 10 Breast Myths

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10 breast myths
10 breast myths

Breasts are one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body. This is why many women are concerned about her size and shape. Poets compose poems about the beauty of a woman's breast, and artists capture it on their canvases. Taking care of your breasts is very important so that it retains its firmness and firmness longer. At the same time, you need to know reliable information about this body and not listen to fictions about breasts that are filled with the Internet. Location: Location:

The first myth - men like busty beauties. This is not always the case. According to statistics from men's magazines, many men prefer to admire medium-sized breasts, and for some, breast size does not matter. It is impossible to love a woman just for her beautiful big breasts. A man is captivated by the female image as a whole, and not by some individual parts of the body.

The second myth - all women with small breasts want to enlarge it. In fact, many ladies with small breasts are quite satisfied with their appearance and do not have any complexes about this. And this is correct, because the operation to enlarge the mammary glands in our time can be done without difficulty, but by sight and by touch, many will guess that your beauty is far from natural.

The third myth - after augmentation surgery, the breast loses sensitivity. In fact, breast tenderness is restored in almost all cases after the breast has healed.

The fourth myth - if you have small breasts, you don't need to spend money on bras. No, any breast needs support, as the muscles that hold the mammary glands to the ribcage are weak and stretch over time. This can lead to sagging and loss of firmness. Therefore, you can and should wear a bra. The choice of underwear should be taken very seriously, as tight bras with stiff underwire can squeeze the breasts, which increases the likelihood of tumors.

The fifth myth - the breast loses its shape and sags after breastfeeding. Breastfeeding affects her appearance. But a year after its termination, healthy breasts regain their shape with proper care. Breasts do not sag due to breastfeeding, but due to the fact that the mammary glands increase in volume during pregnancy. After 30 years, the breasts may sag on their own, due to the age characteristics of the female body.

The sixth myth - breast size can be increased with the help of creams and sports. Neither methods are able to enlarge breasts. Creams act only on the surface of the skin, strengthening it, increasing its elasticity. Exercise pumps the chest muscles, keeping them in good shape, but again does not increase the size. All these actions can only improve the appearance of the mammary glands.

The seventh myth - cabbage enlarges the breast. No vitamins and supplements, vegetables and fruits can make breasts bigger. Correct and balanced nutrition can only improve its appearance.

Myth Eight - Deodorants and antiperspirants cause breast cancer. This is an unproven fact. Antiperspirants can irritate the underarm skin damaged by shaving, but do not cause the development of tumors.

Myth # 9 - mammography prevents breast cancer. In fact, mammography is only an X-ray method for examining the breast; it does not affect its health in any way. Only detection of a tumor at an early stage of its development can protect the breast.

Myth ten - breast cancer is inherited. This is not true. Breast cancer occurs without hereditary causes, so every woman should visit a mammologist every six months.

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