❶ Anti-aging And Toning Products For Facial Skin

❶ Anti-aging And Toning Products For Facial Skin
❶ Anti-aging And Toning Products For Facial Skin

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Anti-aging and toning products for facial skin
Anti-aging and toning products for facial skin

Many people want to look younger than their age. And they are helped by various creams, masks, tonics, foams and scrubs. Ordinary folk remedies also have a great effect. See what you have on hand and start rejuvenating and toning your face with natural remedies. Location: Location:

Of course, different skin types require different care. For example, dry skin needs to be better hydrated and scrubs should be kept to a minimum. Well, for oily skin, it is better to use drying agents. But there are some products that are suitable for all skin types.

Any natural product helps to improve skin tone. This is due to the fact that beneficial substances penetrate through the pores. Some products are more beneficial, some less.

Cucumber is a popular tonic. It can be used neat or made into tinctures. Cucumber slices can be put on the eyes for 10-15 minutes, then the skin tone of the eyelids will improve, irritation and redness will disappear. It is good to wipe the entire surface of the face with cucumber juice. Of course, it is better to use cucumbers grown in your summer cottage. This way you are guaranteed to get a quality product without chemicals.

Almost any juice of berries, fruits or vegetables can be applied to the skin of the face. A popular anti-aging mask is a mask made from strawberries or strawberries and any vegetable oil. This product simultaneously nourishes and rejuvenates the skin of the face. It should be applied in several layers and kept on the face for at least half an hour.

Many herbal and essential oils are suitable for removing wrinkles. Vegetable can be used in pure form. Simply apply linseed, corn, olive or vegetable oil to your skin and rinse off after 30-60 minutes. The time can be increased, nothing bad will happen. But essential oils are best used together with other products. In their pure form, they can cause irritation. Almond and peach oil can be applied without additives though.

The oils can also be used for water baths. Boil water, add a few drops of any oil to it and hold your head over the container. Use oils once or twice a week. If you use it too often, your skin can become oily.

You can also tone the skin with plain ice or frozen juice. Juice of watermelon, cucumber, orange, apple, cabbage will do. In general, almost everything that can be in the kitchen. Do not wipe the skin, let it dry after this procedure.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Build your preparations from different products. Perhaps they will work better than an expensive cream. The main thing is to carry out these procedures regularly.

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