❶ How To Sunbathe In A Solarium Correctly

❶ How To Sunbathe In A Solarium Correctly
❶ How To Sunbathe In A Solarium Correctly

Video: ❶ How To Sunbathe In A Solarium Correctly

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How to sunbathe in a solarium correctly
How to sunbathe in a solarium correctly

Many people want to have a beautiful tan, some of whom realize their desire by visiting a solarium. Some people know that tanning in a solarium has its own rules, nuances and features, but only a few have an idea of ​​what these rules are. Location: Location: To make your trip to the solarium as useful and safe as possible, try to follow these guidelines:

- consult a dermatologist about the condition of your skin and find out if you can really go to a solarium;

- When planning the frequency of trips to the solarium, take into account the season. After all, in the summer, in addition to artificial tanning, there will be natural tanning, so take care not to receive an unnecessary "dose" of radiation;

- carry out a complete cleansing of the skin before sunburn, so that it lies evenly and penetrates more deeply;

- use products that increase tan and moisturize the skin;

- do not use makeup, because decorative cosmetics often contain sunscreen elements;

- do not sunbathe in jewelry;

- to protect areas with especially delicate skin, use glasses and tikinis, and lubricate your lips with balm;

- take time to relax after tanning;

- if you have tattoos or permanent makeup, then apply a special product on top that will prevent discoloration and an allergic reaction;

- do not wait for the end of the session if you begin to feel physically ill.

These are basic and necessary rules for everyone. You should also remember about the duration of the sessions. The first one should not exceed 5 minutes. Tune in that you will not see a tan on your skin, but prepare it for further procedures. You can visit the solarium no more than once every 2-3 days and gradually increase the number of minutes of the session, but the maximum should not be more than 10 minutes. You can achieve a beautiful tan in about 5 sessions, and then just maintain it once a week. But for safety reasons, you do not need to visit the solarium more than 15 times within six months.

Before sunbathing, find out how much new lamps are being used, because the older the lamp, the less tanning it gets, which means you will have to tan longer and spend more money on it. Remember that tanning beds can get a skin infection if they are not thoroughly disinfected, so it is best to opt for a salon with a good reputation. And then tanning will bring you not only external beauty, but also internal pleasure.

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