Types Of Aesthetic Gynecology

Types Of Aesthetic Gynecology
Types Of Aesthetic Gynecology

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Types of aesthetic gynecology
Types of aesthetic gynecology

There are women who, in their appearance, are mostly satisfied with everything. And if some part of the body or face is far from perfect, they do not consider this a reason for depression and, in general, for excessive worries. But what if it’s not just an irregular nose or two or three extra pounds? If the “female” problem is that she is embarrassed by her own genitals, which may have an ugly shape or be traumatized due to one reason or another? Such a delicate inconvenience can directly affect a woman's personal life, and her psyche. Location: Location:

Female genitals can have both internal and external defects. In addition, the defects of the female genitals are already noticeable from birth, and can be acquired as a result of illness or physical injury. Fortunately, in our time there is a field of plastic surgery that deals with the correction of a woman's genitals - aesthetic gynecology.

Plastic surgery on the vagina

Usually, such plastic is prescribed for medical reasons - in the event that a woman has had prolapse of the uterus or prolapse of the vaginal walls. Such an operation is also performed in the postpartum period if the elasticity of the vagina has decreased and it has become too wide, which can adversely affect a woman's sex life. No scars are visible after vaginal surgery.

Plastic surgery of large and small labia

The purpose of the labia majora is to protect the labia from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and hypothermia. But some ladies have large labia that are excessive in size. This is very inconvenient, since when walking they rub against each other, sweat a lot, provoke an unpleasant smell from a woman. Over time, very enlarged labia can sag, which, of course, does not look attractive at all for a loved one.

As for the labia minora, in this case, most often there are such flaws as their stretching and unevenness. Sagging of the labia minora can occur both due to trauma and due to hormonal disorders, for example, too strong production of male hormones in the female body.

Both the labia minora and the labia minora can be corrected with plastic gynecology. The operation on the labia minora in this situation is somewhat more complicated: the doctor either makes an incision in their protruding part, or corrects the V-shaped parts of the labia minora on both sides. Scars after plastic surgery are not noticeable. In total, the operation takes just over half an hour.

Hymenoplasty (return of virginity)

For various reasons, a woman may wish to have her hymen restored. Usually such a procedure is "ordered" by girls who have finally met their true love or are going to get married, but at the same time they are ashamed that a loved one will find it, as the people say, "spoiled." The doctor recreates the hymen from particles of the vaginal mucosa or from the remains of the original hymen. Virginity can be returned for a short time (for this a simpler operation is done) or for a long time, up to several years (in this case, the doctor restores the hymen "conscientiously" - with stronger sutures and dense mucous tissue).

Usually, all these operations are performed under local anesthesia, except for any special medical indications due to the patient's health condition. They do not prepare for gynecological plastic surgery, but you can go home right on the day of the operation. One of the main benefits of aesthetic gynecology is that doctors put stitches that do not need to be specially removed: they dissolve inside themselves.

After plastic surgery of the genitals, sex and too hot bath and shower are prohibited for several days. In this case, special attention should be paid to the woman's intimate hygiene.

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