❶ Moisturizing Hand Masks

❶ Moisturizing Hand Masks
❶ Moisturizing Hand Masks

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Moisturizing hand masks
Moisturizing hand masks

An even complexion, a slender figure, healthy and thick hair, well-groomed hands are the result of daily care and attention to her appearance as a woman striving for perfection and beauty. It is such a woman who tries to prevent the first wrinkles not only on her face, but also takes care of the skin of her hands, which, as you know, is capable of giving out her age. Location: Location: It is unlikely that women, rinsing dishes, cleaning the house, washing things, think about preserving the youth and beauty of their hands. Not every housewife listens to the advice to wear gloves when using detergents and cleaners, to protect hands from chemicals. And these substances are aggressive not only to bacteria and dirt, they damage and dry the delicate skin of the hands, the surface of the nails. However, this process is not irreversible. To restore the beauty of the hands,use nourishing creams and moisturizing masks regularly.

You can buy ready-made hand masks at beauty salons and boutiques, or you can prepare nutritional formulations at home. Among the moisturizing masks for hands and body of industrial production, effective and high-quality ones include: SuperAquaMask from Guerlain (Guerlain), express mask for deep hydration Skin Drink Express from Givenchy (Givenchy), nutritious composition with muesli from the Nutri-Delice series from Decleor (Decler), Ahava Dead Sea Mud Moisturizing Masks and Hand Creams, Garnier Grape Treatments, etc.

Apply any of the ready-made cosmetic products to clean hands, put on cotton gloves (which are most often included in the kit) over the layer of nutrient composition and leave for the time prescribed by the instructions. After the mask can be washed off the hands with warm water.

However, there is nothing easier, and sometimes even cheaper, than preparing a moisturizing hand mask at home. For example, cottage cheese and parsley can soften and moisturize your hands in 15 minutes. A ripe banana and melon pulp will not only nourish the hands, restoring the skin's elasticity and healthy appearance, but will also add a slight aromatherapy effect during their application.

Homemade parsley and cottage cheese hand mask

Grind fresh washed parsley in a blender or through a meat grinder. Squeeze out the juice. Mix a teaspoon of parsley juice with the same amount of fish oil and three teaspoons of cottage cheese. Apply the mask to your hands and leave for 15-20 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Homemade banana hand mask

Mash a ripe banana, add a teaspoon of olive oil. Stir the mixture and slightly heat the resulting mass. Apply warm gruel to your hands, leave for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask with warm water.

Melon hand mask

A mixture of juice of half a lemon, 3 tablespoons of starch and 200 g of melon pulp will whiten and moisturize the skin of the hands. Bring to the consistency of a thick porridge. Apply the mask in a thin layer, leaving on hands for 20-30 minutes. After you wash off the mask, lubricate your hands with regular cream.

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