❶ Obtaining, Application And Properties Of Patchouli Essential Oil

❶ Obtaining, Application And Properties Of Patchouli Essential Oil
❶ Obtaining, Application And Properties Of Patchouli Essential Oil

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Getting, application and properties of patchouli essential oil
Getting, application and properties of patchouli essential oil

The aroma of patchouli essential oil is associated with "grandma's chest". Moreover, this scent is strongly associated with fabrics imported from India. Indeed, the patchouli came to us from there. In addition to the exotic smell, this plant has a number of useful properties, which increases its value and relevance. Location: Location:

The homeland of this exotic oil is Malaysia, from where it was brought to India. Merchants brought it to Europe together in Indian fabrics, and, as it turned out, they did not lose. The oil has a number of miraculous properties that have earned him a good reputation among cosmetologists, aromatherapists and their clients.

The oil is extracted from the patchouli plant of the Laaminaceae family. The leaves for processing are harvested at a certain period so that they are juicy. In order to extract oil, patchouli foliage is treated with hot steam in special apparatus. The oil yield with this treatment is about 3.5% per dry leaf.

This essential oil contains patchouli alcohol, bulnesen, alpha guayenne, alpha patchoulen, eugenol. Such a rich set provides many medicinal properties and a wide range of applications.

Oil is widely used in dermatology. In this area, it is in demand due to its bactericidal and fungicidal (ability to destroy fungal cells) properties. In addition, patchouli oil promotes rapid epidermal cell renewal and has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is used for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases.

Here are just a few of the diseases that we managed to defeat thanks to patchouli oil: eczema, dermatitis, infected wounds, abrasions, acne, fungal skin lesions.

This drug prevents fluid retention in the body, therefore it is widely used in the treatment of cellulite, problems with the urinary system and urethra. If you use patchouli essential oil for anti-cellulite massages, the effect will be unsurpassed.

A separate topic is the use of patchouli oil as an aromatherapy agent. Acting directly on the nervous system, the etheric particles restore its functions, relieve stress, depression, relieve the feeling of suffering.

The erotic property of patchouli is especially strong. The use of oil stimulates libido, eliminating impotence and helps the production of endorphins. There is a legend that King Solomon himself used fragrant rubbing and inhaled fragrant vapors before every night of love. And he knew a lot about it. After all, it was Solomon, as the story goes, "he had three hundred wives and concubines without counting."

In domestic conditions, oil is used for more mundane needs, although no less important. Patchouli is an indispensable tool in the fight against moths. In order to prevent the appearance of moths or to expel them from the room, it is necessary to wipe the shelves and furniture with essential oil dissolved in water. To enhance the effect, place a small container filled with oil on the shelves and leave for a while.

Wet cleaning with a few drops of patchouli essential oil will not only fill the house with fragrance, but also disinfect the room.

There are fairly simple recipes for using this oil.

To eliminate depression and give strength during the day, you should put 2-3 drops of the substance in the aroma medallion.

You can massage with this substance. To do this, 4-5 drops are diluted in olive or corn oil.

Alternatively, it is possible to flavor wines and tea leaves by adding up to 5 drops of oil to them. If there is a problem with the scalp, such as dandruff, increased secretion of fat from the hair follicles (oily hair), the shampoo should be enriched with the preparation (about 6 drops per usual volume) and applied until a satisfactory result appears.

Despite the simplicity of the recipes and the low content of essential oil, you still need to be careful. There is also an individual intolerance to the substance. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before use.

In addition, there are strict taboos. Do not violate the dosage upward, because this can lead to unintended consequences. Essential oil is strictly prohibited for use in pregnant women.

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