❶ Compresses For Tired Eyes

❶ Compresses For Tired Eyes
❶ Compresses For Tired Eyes

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Compresses for tired eyes
Compresses for tired eyes

During the day, our eyes are exposed to incredible stress: working at a computer, driving a car, decorative cosmetics - all this leads to fatigue and fatigue. In this situation, compresses will help, which can be prepared and applied with ease even at home. Location: Location:

How to make a compress for the eyes.

First of all, you need to cleanse the skin of the eyelids from various cosmetics, with which you went all day. It can be easily removed using a special makeup remover: soak a cotton pad in it and gently move from top to bottom to remove traces of mascara, eye shadow, decorative pencil.

You can make your own eye lotion by mixing olive or castor oil with water. Prepare gauze napkins or cotton pads for applying the compress. They need to be impregnated with the prepared composition for the compress, put the resulting product on the eyes, and cover with a thick towel on top to keep warm. Keep the compress for no more than three minutes, after which it is necessary to rinse the eyelids with cool water. The alternation of warm and cold compresses has a positive effect.

Cold compress.

Prepare cosmetic ice for a cold compress. To do this, you need to mix decoctions of chamomile and linden with mineral water and freeze. Before applying a cube of such ice to your eyes, wrap it in a light cloth, procedure time: from 30 to 120 seconds. It is not recommended to keep it any longer, as this can provoke vasospasm. A cold compress relieves pain in the eyes and relieves eye muscle tension.

Herbal compresses.

Decoctions of herbs such as chamomile, linden and cornflower flowers will not only help relieve redness and fatigue from the eyes, but also contribute to the treatment of barley. To prepare the broth, take 1 tbsp. herbs and pour 200 mm of boiling water, keep on low heat for three minutes. Wrap the resulting product with a thick towel or cloth and leave for 6 hours. For compresses, such a decoction is used chilled, having previously filtered through a sieve.

To improve vision, a decoction of the following herbs is used: medicinal chamomile, meadow clover, rose petals. You will need to take one teaspoon of each ingredient. It is necessary to boil water and pour the resulting mixture into it, then let it brew a little. This compress is applied to the eyes while it is still warm.

By applying these simple compresses several times a week, your eyes will remain healthy and you will always look fresh and rested.

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