❶ How To Beat Cellulite In 20 Days

❶ How To Beat Cellulite In 20 Days
❶ How To Beat Cellulite In 20 Days

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How to beat cellulite in 20 days
How to beat cellulite in 20 days

A beautiful tanned body against the backdrop of a sandy beach is the dream of every woman going on vacation. Bumps of cellulite do not fit with this picture and plunge into the most severe despondency of the fair sex. Is it possible to defeat cellulite if there are 20 days left before the vacation? Location: Location:

The height of the beach season offers to show "product by face". The snow-white swimsuit is already flaunting on the shelf, waiting in the wings, but for some reason, the hostess pushes further and further away. With a captious thoroughness, a woman examines herself before going to the beach, and dejectedly lowers her head - cellulite!

Inflammation of the adipose tissue located directly under the skin and caused by impaired lymphatic drainage can turn smooth, radiant skin into a kind of orange peel. Many people think that cellulite is synonymous with excess weight. This is not true! The problem of cellulite worries almost all women, regardless of age and physique. But the methods of dealing with it are the same for everyone.

So, if you have only 20 days left, the initial stage of cellulite, and a great desire to get rid of it, then start acting right now, without postponing anything for later! Only an integrated approach and the absence of laziness will help you defeat cellulite.

The first thing you should do is balance your diet with a preference for vegetables and fruits while minimizing fatty foods and sweets. At the same time, do not go to extremes. A diet with severe dietary restrictions will only hurt you! Follow the principle of moderation in everything - that will be enough.

Water! From now on, she is your friend and ally! Drink it at least 1.5 - 2 liters a day, as lack of water leads to a violation of lymph flow. Try to also minimize salt intake, so as not to retain fluid in the body, and not to aggravate the situation.

Perform daily anti-cellulite self-massage of problem areas twice a day, for 20 days (and if you have chronic cellulite, then much longer). From now on, your day should begin with a massage and end with a massage.

Start the massage on the abdomen, then massage the legs, buttocks, and, if necessary, hands. Always massage towards the heart. Use massage oil or any anti-cellulite cream for it so as not to stretch the skin. Start with light strokes for 1-2 minutes, then rub the skin for 2-3 minutes, then proceed to deeper kneading using your knuckles (7-10 minutes), followed by patting and stroking again. In total, massage of one zone should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

Please note that there should be no bruises after the massage! Only by preserving your capillaries will you improve lymph flow and the general condition of your skin.

For the best effect, start doing anti-cellulite wraps every other day. A mask with blue clay (3 tablespoons), ground coffee (2 tablespoons) and grapefruit oils (2 drops), rosemary (2 drops) and almonds (1 teaspoon) works best. Mix the ingredients, dilute the mass with warm water, apply to the skin over the entire surface of problem areas and wrap on top with regular cling film. Insulate the wrapped area and take a horizontal position, relaxing for 45 minutes.

Don't wrap every day! You will not speed up the process, but you can undermine your women's health. Do not use more drops of oils than indicated in the recipe, as you may get an allergic reaction. At the first sign of allergy, change the composition of the oils or completely remove their recipe.

In addition to wraps, you can take a bath with the addition of 5 drops of orange oil and 200 g of olive oil. Before the bath, rub the problem areas with a hard washcloth or massage glove. And, of course, don't forget about sports! Daily morning exercises and a half-hour walk or jog will nourish your tissues with oxygen and help fight cellulite.

Popular wisdom says: “Those who want to achieve their goals are looking for opportunities. Anyone who does not want to do anything is looking for an excuse! " Having set a goal to defeat cellulite, you can do this if you reconsider your habits and set foot on the path of a healthy lifestyle. Then the whole world will be at your beautiful feet!

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