❶ How To Grow Eyelashes At Home

❶ How To Grow Eyelashes At Home
❶ How To Grow Eyelashes At Home

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How to grow eyelashes at home
How to grow eyelashes at home

Beautiful long eyelashes have always been an attribute of female beauty. They brightly emphasize the eyes, make the look more expressive, languid and inviting. Any woman dreams of long and fluffy eyelashes, but not everyone can rightfully consider themselves their owner. Location: Location: Various methods can be used to increase the length of the lashes. This includes the use of false eyelashes or artificial eyelash extensions. These are quick ways to get luxurious lashes. However, they cannot be used on a daily basis, and there is not always time and money for them.

To stimulate the growth of your own eyelashes, burdock or castor oils are considered excellent means. They perfectly nourish the lashes, prevent them from falling out, and also make them more fluffy.

You can apply them with a brush from under the old mascara. Wash it and the bottle thoroughly and fill it with oil. You can apply the product with a cotton pad, preferably at night. The main thing is to be careful not to get it on the mucous membranes of the eyes. Therefore, 15 minutes after applying the oil, wipe your eyelashes with a dry cotton swab.

The first results of using castor and burdock oils will be noticeable after two weeks of daily procedures. Sea buckthorn and olive oils are also beneficial for eyelashes.

Compresses based on a decoction of cornflower or chamomile flowers will help to grow eyelashes. For the preparation of the broth 1 tbsp. plants are filled with a glass of boiled water, infused for 24 hours and decanted. Cotton pads abundantly moistened in the resulting solution are applied to the eyelids and eyelashes for 15-20 minutes. This procedure also helps to eliminate tired eye syndrome.

Eyelid massage is very useful for eyelashes. It improves local blood circulation and cell respiration, and stimulates eyelash growth. For massage, you can use a mixture of 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, ½ tsp. aloe juice and a little parsley juice. The eyelids are massaged with it, gently rubbing the product along the lash line.

In folk medicine, there are many masks for eyelash growth. One of the most effective is a mask consisting of 1 tbsp. castor oil, 1 tsp. aloe juice and a few drops of vitamin A oil solution. All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to the eyelashes 2-3 hours before bedtime. After this time, the remnants of the product are removed with a dry cotton swab.

All of the above procedures take a minimum of time. However, they help to restore lashes and make them look longer and fuller in a relatively short time.

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