❶ How To Restore Nails After Extension?

❶ How To Restore Nails After Extension?
❶ How To Restore Nails After Extension?

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How to restore nails after extension?
How to restore nails after extension?

After extension, nails look neat and beautiful, besides, they are strong and retain their appearance for a long time with a minimum of care - correction every two to three weeks. However, there is one significant drawback if the wizard performed the procedure incorrectly. After removing the artificial material, your natural nails will look dry, brittle and yellowed. Location: Location:

It often happens that after improperly carrying out nail extension and their subsequent removal, the nail plate becomes uneven with pits and grooves. This can happen due to improper polishing and filing of the nail surface. If, after removing the artificial material, you find this problem, you will have to give up nail extension for a while, treat your nails and wait until they fully grow back to cut them off.

Many ladies turn to a specialist for nail extension on a regular basis, in this situation you can find the appearance of burrs, dry skin around the finger. This can happen if a chemical has come into contact with the skin during the nail extension process and must be applied directly to the nail. Specialized preparations for softening the cuticle will help you to cope with this problem; they contain natural oils that penetrate deep into the pores of the skin, nourishing it and retaining moisture.

The most effective helpers in the fight against changes and defects of the natural nail after extension are base coatings and natural oils with a vitamin complex (A and E) and extracts of forest and meadow herbs. The oil will nourish the nail coatings, and the base coat will protect the nails from negative environmental influences.

One of the most effective home remedies available to everyone is ordinary or sea salt, which is always at hand. Salt baths for nails with any salt will help strengthen the nail plate. Add a few drops of essential oil or lemon juice to the bath and the effect will only intensify. After this procedure, massage your nails with any vegetable oil. The massage helps to thicken and strengthen the nail plate, and the oil will nourish the nail.

Nail baths can be alternated with baths of warm vegetable oil mixed with apple cider vinegar in equal amounts, or lemon juice. Lubricate your nails with freshly squeezed lemon juice once a week, or run a lemon wedge over each nail and let dry. Then wash your hands with warm water and apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream to your nails.

If you want to repair your nails as quickly as possible, you need to pay special attention to your diet. Include in your diet foods high in calcium: almonds, dairy products, dates. Eat freshly squeezed juices: beetroot, orange, carrot, and vegetable oil.

If you have the opportunity and desire, go to the nail salon for the procedure of sealing nails, hot manicure and paraffin bath. During a hot manicure, your nails will be immersed in a heated bowl of creamy liquid. It contains a vitamin complex for strengthening and nourishing nails and cuticles. The paraffin bath will have a beneficial effect on damaged nails and smooth the skin of the hands, making it soft and supple. During the nail sealing procedure, the nutrient mixture, which contains minerals and vitamins, forms a protective film. This procedure protects and nourishes the nails for three weeks and is recommended mainly for those who decide to restore their previous appearance to their nails after extension.

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