How To Make Lashes Lush

How To Make Lashes Lush
How To Make Lashes Lush

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How to make lashes lush
How to make lashes lush

According to statistics, only 21% of girls can boast of long and lush eyelashes. The rest have only to envy. However, it is possible to make lush eyelashes not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Location: Location: Lashes, like scalp hair, require special care. Brush them in the morning and evening. You can take a brush from an old mascara and wash it, or preferably two: use one as a comb, and the other for applying oils.

Lush eyelashes at home can be obtained by lubricating them with oils every evening: castor, olive, burdock, coconut or pink. You can mix in a 1: 1 ratio of castor and burdock oil, or add a few drops of vitamins A and E to castor oil. Apply the mixture to your eyelashes before going to bed, avoiding eye contact.

Herbal infusions of cornflower, sage, chamomile or black tea can also help to make lashes lush. Boil the herb, strain, cool, soak cotton pads in the infusion and place on your eyes for 15 minutes. It is good if you mix calendula, black tea and cornflower or chamomile and black tea together. Such procedures relieve fatigue, bruises and bags under the eyes.

You should dye your eyelashes with high-quality mascara. In the store, pay attention to the packaging, which should contain complete information about the manufacturer, composition and date of manufacture. Brush the new mascara across the palm of your hand, the line should be clear, even and free of lumps. Do not use opened mascara for more than 3 months.

Having chosen mascara, you must be able to use it correctly. First, brush your lashes with a clean brush. After that, take your time, apply mascara not vertically, as usual, but horizontally. This will add volume to the lashes. Then paint them vertically with the next layer, highlighting the middle of the hairs with more mascara. Apply mascara horizontally to the lower lashes as well.

Buy special products to remove eye makeup. Do not rub your eyes too much, try to keep each eyelash intact and take good care of the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Lush eyelashes can be created by gluing false eyelashes or by extending eyelashes in a beauty salon, but this will negatively affect the condition of your own.

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