❶ How To Achieve Perfect Facial Skin

❶ How To Achieve Perfect Facial Skin
❶ How To Achieve Perfect Facial Skin

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How to achieve perfect skin
How to achieve perfect skin

Smooth, smooth skin of the face, without acne and inflammation, wrinkles and dryness, enlarged pores and irritated redness, is considered a decoration for a woman. You can help your skin look well-groomed and healthy if you follow the basic rules of caring for it. Location: Location: The skin always reflects the diet. If you overuse fatty and sugary foods, like soda and fast food, drink a lot of coffee and eat late, then the appearance of acne, early wrinkles and bags under the eyes is guaranteed. Such food slows down the metabolism, causes stagnation of toxins and waste products in the intestines, which affects the condition of the skin, which looks unhealthy and gradually loses its elasticity. If you drink little water, the cells do not receive enough nutrition, the skin becomes flabby and dry. Replace harmful products with kefir,yogurt and milk, fresh vegetables and fruits, and instead of coffee, drink green tea in unlimited quantities - you will immediately see changes in your skin condition.

Skin hydration is the second most important factor on which its health depends. In addition to increasing your fluid intake to two liters per day, you should also take care of external moisturizing - ready-made masks, light-textured creams, home compresses and spraying the skin with thermal water will help replenish the water balance.

Adequate and adequate sleep is an important condition for perfect facial skin. You should not only get enough sleep, you need to train yourself to go to bed at the same time, preferably before midnight - then it will be easier for you to get up.

Regular stress reduces the protective functions of the body and skin as well. You won't be able to completely isolate yourself from stress, so learn to relax and release tension. Sports work best with this task - regular, intense exercise, especially in the fresh air, improves the complexion.

Comprehensive skin care program

Cleansing isn't just about washing your face in the morning and evening, it's about using cleansing gels that are suitable for your skin type. During the day, you should refresh the skin with antibacterial and matting wipes, and in the evening deeply cleanse the pores.

Moisturizing, toning and nourishing - creams, lotions, masks, serums according to the needs of the skin and the woman's age.

Exfoliation - scrubs, peels, salon procedures help to prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

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