❶ Beautiful Lips Without Lipstick: Permanent Makeup

❶ Beautiful Lips Without Lipstick: Permanent Makeup
❶ Beautiful Lips Without Lipstick: Permanent Makeup

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Beautiful lips without lipstick: permanent makeup
Beautiful lips without lipstick: permanent makeup

Lip makeup takes up most of the time in the daily makeup process. Here you need to be especially careful and not inadvertently make unnecessary movement, otherwise you will have to start everything from the very beginning. Permanent makeup, in other words, permanent lip makeup, actually eliminates numerous problems. It simply saves those who have had surgery or injury in the lip area. Today, ultramodern women of fashion successfully exploit this service. Location: Location:

Tattooing or permanent lip makeup will ensure you maintain the perfect lip contour throughout the entire working day, no matter whether you had to "melt" in the hot sun for a long time or be in the pouring rain. A wonderful dinner in a restaurant with a charming man will not be constantly interrupted by continuous absences to refresh your makeup. With the help of tattooing, you can not only give your lips a non-fading color that does not require additional tinting throughout the entire time, but also correct the ideal contour.

Permanent makeup does not last forever, its magical effect lasts up to six months. This time is enough to fully mature for the next procedure, and enough so that you do not get tired of this color.

The work of a permanent makeup or tattoo artist originates from the fact that he explains in detail all the details to you, how and what he intends to do. Only then will you move on to choosing a color. Of course, from the point of view of a professional, the master will offer a variety of options that most harmoniously suit you. However, you can choose your color, focusing on the long-familiar shade of your lipstick, you can also choose the desired color in the catalog.

During the micropigmentation procedure itself, painful sensations of a weak to moderate nature are characteristic. For this reason, local anesthesia is administered. Also, continuous additional pain relief is carried out with special anesthetic sprays.

The process lasts from forty minutes to three hours, depending on its complexity. Absolutely all materials used, namely caps, spouts, needles, are disposable. In tattooing, the most important thing is a puncture, or rather its depth, this moment should be controlled by a professional. Pay particular attention to the choice of the master. It is best to contact an already proven cosmetologist, inquire about this salon.

Such an operation still causes a little stress on the body's immune system. The risk of herpes is significantly increased, for this reason, the beautician advises the use of antiherpetic ointments before and after tattooing. After the procedure, the lips do not swell much, the skin in the tattoo area turns slightly red and a crust forms. However, the effects of lip tattooing completely disappear within three to four days. At the end of this period, the aforementioned crust leaves the lips and color begins to appear.

It happens that the color of the tattoo will not be what you expected it to be. In this case, you need an additional lip tattoo correction session, which is completely free. During the session, the wizard will repeat the procedure and make some changes to the brightness or tone of the outline. As for the stability of the pigment - this question is purely individual. The effect depends entirely on the type of skin, metabolism, age, as well as the specific reaction to ultraviolet radiation. It is worth noting that the skin is periodically renewed, thus, the pigment of the paint is taken out and washed out. Keep in mind that after complete healing, the tattoo and the contour look much lighter. The contour of the tattoo prevents the lipstick from spreading, and the lips will always look attractive and neat.

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