❶ How To Properly Visit The Sauna

❶ How To Properly Visit The Sauna
❶ How To Properly Visit The Sauna

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How to use the sauna correctly
How to use the sauna correctly

If you are relatively healthy and are not trying to test your endurance in the steam room, then you can use the sauna as much as you like. Just do not forget to apply a moisturizer or milk to the skin after the procedures. Location: Location:

If we translate the concept of "sauna" into Russian, then it will be a steam room with dry steam. Contrary to popular belief, a Russian bath is no different from an ordinary Finnish sauna. There they also pour water on hot stones, use brooms, and then dip either into the lake or into the ice hole.

Before visiting the sauna, you need to take a shower without using soap or gel, as they help to remove the fatty film that protects the body from possible drying out. Also, do not wet your head if you do not want to get heatstroke. It is necessary to put on a special hat or just a towel. Wipe dry after showering.

To begin with, the body must adapt to temperature changes, so you should not immediately climb onto the top shelf. Sit down so that your feet are just above your head. This will relax the muscles. While lying down, your body will more easily adapt to the rise in temperature than if you sit.

Limit yourself to 10 minutes to get started. But if after the first 5 minutes you start to feel discomfort or darkening in your eyes, then it is better to leave immediately. This is due to the individual characteristics of each organism. In order to completely relax, it is best not to talk. If you decide to climb off the shelf, then you do not need to make sudden movements. Sit on the shelf first and then get up. After your first visit to the sauna, be sure to cool off with a cool shower or pool. Then you need to swim in hot water for 2 minutes.

Then take a break for about 20 minutes. You can drink mineral water, kvass or herbal tea. It would be just great to spend this time (about 15 minutes) with a massage therapist. He will tidy up the muscles that are numb and tired during the work.

During the second call (10-15 minutes), you can use brooms. The procedure for taking a shower, rest and the third approach is repeated. You can relax after the sauna, for example, by going to the solarium.

People with weight problems should approach the sauna properly. There should be more approaches, but with a shorter duration. If you have contraindications to sauna visits, you can choose Turkish baths.

It is not advisable to take a steam bath in the sauna either on an overfull stomach or on an empty stomach. This is due to the fact that blood flows to the skin from the internal organs, while the opposite is needed to digest food. Smoking and alcohol are simply unacceptable for the sauna, as the stress on the heart increases. If you do not feel very well, then it is better to reschedule the visit to the sauna.

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