❶ Beauty Secrets Of Cleopatra

❶ Beauty Secrets Of Cleopatra
❶ Beauty Secrets Of Cleopatra

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Beauty secrets of Cleopatra
Beauty secrets of Cleopatra

Historians have dispelled the myth of the beauty of Cleopatra. The found bust of the last ruler of Egypt showed her true face to the whole world. And it turned out to be far from perfect: with masculine features and a large nose with a hump. Then how did Cleopatra manage to become famous for centuries for her beauty? What are her secrets? Location: Location:

The Queen of Egypt possessed an incredible charm: I wanted to listen to her gentle attractive voice for hours, and breathe the scent of her body forever. Gorgeous, shiny hair streamed down her shoulders, and her lined eyes glowed. How did Cleopatra achieve such an effect in the sultry climate of Egypt?

Cleopatra Baths

The queen pampered her body with milk baths. And for this purpose, fresh donkey milk was used with the addition of almond oil and honey. It is possible to make such a bath even today. Exotic donkey milk can be replaced with cow milk. Naturally, a whole bath of milk is an unacceptable luxury, but adding only 1 liter to the water, as well as half a glass of natural honey and two tablespoons of almond oil is available to every woman.

To make the body shine with youth, before taking a bath, the slaves rubbed Cleopatra's body with a kind of scrub - a mixture of salt and cream. This procedure is quite possible to do today.

And the queen washed her head with chicken eggs, thanks to them, the hair was saturated with fats and retained a luxurious look. This recipe is very simple. Beat the eggs until smooth and rub into the scalp and hair for 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

Cleopatra masks

Cleopatra's honey mask is easy to make at home. Take equal parts milk and honey. Apply the mixture to the skin, rinse off after half an hour.

Cleopatra's clay mask consisted of honey, sour cream, lemon juice and, of course, the whitest clay itself. It can also be done at home. Mix all ingredients in equal parts and apply on face. The procedure takes 20 minutes, this is enough for the skin to become elastic, regeneration begins and the whitening effect appears.

After the mask, Cleopatra used a special cream made from crushed aloe leaves, pork fat, honey and rose water. To prepare it in a water bath, pork fat was melted, the rest of the ingredients were added.

Fragrances of Cleopatra

Skillfully combining honey, milk, myrrh and incense, the queen gave her skin a unique scent of youth. Inhaling the smell of her body, the strong men of that time lost their heads.

Cleopatra was a great woman. And she chose death for herself, befitting her rank. The queen of Egypt preferred death from the bite of the sacred cobra to the shameful captivity and appeared before the gaze of her enemy in all her splendor, but, alas, dead. Leaving to descendants their secrets of beauty.

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