❶ Harm Of Hair Extensions

❶ Harm Of Hair Extensions
❶ Harm Of Hair Extensions

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Hair extension harm
Hair extension harm

The hair extension service is currently very relevant, because everyone wants to look beautiful. And you can also magically quickly change your image beyond recognition. However, a lot of myths and legends soar around the extension procedure. The opinions of people are very contradictory. Someone likes this procedure, and someone, having bad experience, categorically declares that the extension causes irreparable damage to the hair. Experts will help you figure out - is the build-up actually capable of causing harm to the health of the hair? Location: Location:

The hair extension procedure, like any other hairdressing service, can ruin your hair if you approach it illiterately. Their strands can begin to fall out along with artificial ones. Incorrectly selected and executed extension technology, the use of poor-quality hair, illiterately removed strands after the expiration date will undoubtedly lead to a deterioration in the condition of your natural hair.

Nowadays, many masters offer hair extensions at home. This is a fairly common occurrence on social media and various forums. Young girls, many of whom have not even received special training, offer their services for almost nothing. Therefore, the result of such a home extension can be completely unpredictable, and it is unlikely that a self-taught master will be able to correct his own mistakes later.

There are many cases when girls in tears turned to beauty salons after such unsuccessful extensions to fix the damage done to their hair. Needless to say, how much effort, time and money is spent on correcting mistakes.

If the master followed the extension technology, but used low-quality strands, after the first wash of the hair, they will get tangled and begin to fall out.

Poor hair care after hair extensions can also be harmful. If you went to bed and did not braid the curls, you can greatly entangle them and cause mechanical damage to your hair. If you wash your head incorrectly, throwing it back, the load on the hair roots increases, and this can lead to hair loss. All these nuances should be explained to you by an experienced specialist. And also recommend products for the care of hair extensions that will help maintain the appearance of your curls for many months. Pay special attention to the ends, because artificial curls do not feed naturally.

To prevent harm from the hair extension procedure, contact only well-trained professionals with extensive experience with this service. Don't experiment on the health of your hair!

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