❶ The Secret Of Beautiful Legs

❶ The Secret Of Beautiful Legs
❶ The Secret Of Beautiful Legs

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The secret of beautiful legs
The secret of beautiful legs

Beautiful legs in women are the subject of admiration for many men, a reason for the pride of their owners. That is why women all over the world are forced to make great efforts and resources in order to make their own legs beautiful. Location: Location: Monitor the health of your leg veins. After all, legs that have a violet-blue knotted mesh of veins (varicose veins) protruding outward are the reason for a bad mood and general fatigue. Therefore, if your legs get tired after working, then do a simple exercise. Lie on the floor with your legs upright on the wall. Lie like this for 7-10 minutes.

Do not wear shoes with high or unstable heels. Try to keep the wearing of these shoes to a minimum. If you only walk around the office in high heels, then wear flat shoes, such as ballet flats, to work and back home.

Use warm sea salt baths. You can purchase a special hydromassage foot bath. This will help you get rid of the feeling of tiredness in your legs.

Massage your feet. It should be carried out with light movements from the tips of the toes themselves towards the heel, and from the heel move towards the knee. This massage can be done with a soothing foot cream or gel.

Do a cold douche every morning. To do this, use the shower to douse your feet with cool water. This remedy is not suitable for those who are able to catch a cold instantly or who have inflammatory diseases.

During sleep, swollen or tired legs should be placed on a slight elevation. Take pillows for this and place them under your feet. Try to imagine something pleasant and fall asleep. Even if your legs are in this position for only 30 minutes, it will already be a tangible therapy for their health.

Massage your feet regularly in the shower with a special massage mitten. You can also massage with a dry brush. This will prevent the appearance of cellulite.

Don't forget to epilate! After all, hairy legs have not yet brought beauty to anyone.

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